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U 4 Eee ahhh.

Was that the name of an 80’s fake rap group, or something?

Euphoria is also a feeling I had a few times in my second trimester. It actually came back to visit me on Thursday night. (I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I’m addicted to blogging. I went away this weekend and proudly did not ignore my family for one moment over my computer. We didn’t even take it with us. But now I have too much to say. It all piled up!)

I took a great yoga class Thursday night. In the middle of the class, it struck me how very close my child is to me. He is with me constantly. He can’t toddle away. He can’t go to his room and close the door in favor of a video game (which I hope to prevent altogether, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.) I can actually control everything he eats. He can’t even lay on a blanket on the floor while I hover above him. He’s right here under my heart. It made me so happy to get this time with him. I don’t know why it happened. Especially because in the third trimester, I’ve become increasingly more uncomfortable and looking forward to meeting Trucker face to face — rather than head to cervix.

I’ll take happy when I can get it. I’m finished with work, too. I have yet to feel super-happy about that because I mostly feel tired. Those of you who have packed up a classroom before know what I mean.

Now I can work on my book in earnest without waiting for my son to go to bed. And I can finally go through his closet and organize things. That makes me happy.



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Happy Birthday Two…

…my blog.

This is part II of a year-long self-centered retrospective on my TTC/pregnancy journey.  This is the pregnancy part.  I have tell you about these dykemom friends who have two kids about 14 months apart.  They had had trouble getting pregnant.  I remember when the second-to-get-pregnant mom was pregnant and we were hanging out with them in the midst of my TTC.  She said, “You know a year and a half ago when we were trying to get pregnant, it felt like it would never end.  Now we have created this whole family.”  I would think back to that when I hit rough spots in my TTC journey.  I would think…just imagine a year from now.  It helped.  So if you’re still TTC, maybe this will help a little.  I hope.

In December I waited and waited for baby Jo and Nelly’s baby P to be born.  And they were. Nelly turned into a home-birth superstar and is now my default midwife.  I got through my first trimester hump (sort-of).  And I got to see my still-nicknameless fetus– should I call him John Doe?  My honey wouldn’t let me nickname him Pretty Boy.  Why?  Because he’s not a parakeet?  Anyway, I got to see him during my nuchal ultrasound, at which point I decided that he was so pretty, I would use the pronoun, “she.”  Gender, schmender.  It is overrated, I say.

In January, I became a tired sales grrrl in a Brooklyn department store.

In February, I worried.  Because, you know, that’s new!

I think I was a little bored in March.  I mean, my posts were a little boring.  The second trimester is a happy time.  Happy’s not always interesting.  But my little Cakeman did figure out that he’s going to be a big bwother.

This month I wrote this post I like a lot. It is something I think about often, but never expressed in words.

Please… I have left-over cake.  Eat!  Dulce de Leche ice cream?  Bring me your bowl.

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With Thoughts of You I am Aglow

I am obsessed with two things right now:

1. Having this baby. Is it obvious? Does it show?

2. Buying this house. With thoughts of you I am aglow…

(Not the most doable thing when one is about to take four unpaid months of childcare leave.)

#2 is not really going to happen, but one can dream.

Oh, and I have a song stuck in my head.  This line being possibly my favorite lyric ever written to describe how I personally obsess over things and/or people:

You’re a map of a place maybe someday I’ll go,

With thoughts of you I am aglow.


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The Ladies

I went to hang out with the lesbian mommies-to-be last night.  I think that might be the official name, but in my head I just call us “preg lez.”  It is fun to be with pregnant lesbians and their just-as-expectant partners.

It was the first time they got to meet my son and partner, since she always has to stay home and watch him.  This time it was at a house blocks away from our own home, so they could come and still make it home close to Cakie’s bed time.

He got a little cranky near the end.  (Perhaps it was the half-dozen cookies he somehow got away with eating?)  So when I asked him to say goodbye to my friends he said, “No!”

Then Ang called me from the front of the building.  Apparently, in the elevator, she had asked him if he had fun.  He replied, “I loooooooooove the ladies!”

When he got off the elevator he said,  “Where are my lady friends?”



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The Good News and The Kinda Bad News

The good news is that my glucose and iron and everything came back quite normal.

The kinda bad news is that I should probably stop scarfing down brownies now.

PS I took down the post I put up last night. If you saw it,  I’m sad about what happened, but I don’t need to scream about someone else’s pain.


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That means too much information.  Overshare.  I really didn’t need to know that much about you, etc.  So if body fluids give you the heebeegeebees, please press the back arrow on your browser now.  You won’t like this post much.

Sooooo… I was doing the thing.  You know, with the washcloth?  The one where you rub your nipple with a washcloth in the shower for a few months before you give birth, so they get all butch and calloused and breastfeeding won’t hurt.  It turns out my wise friends and my midwife told me later that that doesn’t really work.  Nothing hurts like breastfeeding.  But it only hurts for a while, then it doesn’t hurt.

I digress.

So my nipples hurt.  Because I hurt them.  I was looking at them because they hurt.  Then the weirdest, most natural but weirdest, thing happened.  Milk came out.  Freakin’ milk.  Out of my mosquito bite b00bies!  It was so unexpected, I actually felt faint.  I got dizzy and had to look away.

And now they leak.  That’s all.  I just had to share because it is the weirdest thing to happen to me in my pregnancy thus far.  My honey handed me a package of breast pads and said, “Get used to it.”  But, you know, nicely.

In other body fluid news… or I should say solids?  My baby went poopie in the potty!  “I went poopie in the potty.”  Those six words are more beautiful and thrilling than I ever imagined.  Way better than, “I love you,” even.  When I got home from my midwife appointment on Monday, A told Cake to tell me his news.  He said those six beautiful words.  I laughed and hugged and did a poopie in the potty dance.  And he giggled and giggled and giggled his head off.  It was the best poop-related thing that has ever happened to me.

Then yesterday, he did it again. I hope he doesn’t grow up and read this someday and get really mad at me for talking about his poop.  I just… I’m so proud.  And the only place I can voice it is in a virtual room full of moms and moms-to-be.  Besides, I’m leaving out details, so be grateful, Kid.


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Your Electric Kitchen

So you want my butterscotch brownie recipe, eh?

That’s funny, because I meant to blog about this on my other blog when I happened upon the recipe.

When we were in New Mexico visiting my dad, I stumbled upon a little treasure called The Electric Cookbook: Your Complete Guide to Cooking Electrically by Marguerite Fenner.  Check out the cover.  That’s me in the blue dress… just imagine her with red hair and clunky shoes under that apron:


I bought it for 50 cents in a used bookstore.  In the front, there was a hand-typed library card.  Apparently the book was published in 1959, and borrowed once in July of 1968.  Not a big hit for the Hillsboro, NM public library.  But I love it.

This book has been planned and written especially for you — the homemaker whose first interest is in her family, who loves to please her husband and children, whose heart grows warm when the like what she cooks.

It both makes me glad I was born in the early 70’s and it has a great brownie recipe, not to mention a recipe for “Coffee for 50” to be made in your electric roaster, and several recipes that seem to unnecessarily include olives and/or horseradish, like “Hamburger Heaven.”  Wait, you have to hear this part of the introduction, “There’s Great Joy In Living Electrically,”

 For the homemaker, electricity takes the “work” out of housework.   A constant supply of hot water takes care of dish and clothes washing, done automatically, with plenty left over for showers and baths.  And regardless of weather, clothes tumble dry in fresh, warm air which fluffs out the wrinkles, saving much ironing.

So the next time you’re dreading that laundry, just thank goodness for the electricity that makes it possible to dump those bitches in the machine and go back to reading your blog feeds for another 20 minutes!

Without much furthur ado, the recipe:


Cream 1/4 cup butter; add 1 cup brown sugar (packed) and 1 egg, mixing well.  Combine 3/4 cup sifted flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, and 1/2 teaspoon salt; stir into creamed mixture.  Add 1/2 cup chopped nuts (I don’t do that part.  Why add healthiness to a purely sugary delight?) and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla.  Spread in well-greased and floured 8-inch square pan.  Bake in 350 degree F. oven for 20 to 25 minutes.  While warm, cut into 16 squares.

Eat at least three squares with some milk before your midwife calls you back with glucose screen results. Since I’m home with a sick Cakie today, and I have yet to hear from my midwife, we have a little electric cooking to do!   Enjoy.


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