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Brain Mushy

Too many birthdays.

Not enough sleep.


My kitty passed away on Friday.  He had acute Leukemia.  Bugger all.  Then I hosted the best Superman party in the history of the land (or at least in the history of my apartment.)  And today, Trucker figured out how to climb stuff.  And not the stuff he was already climbing (shopping carts, step stools)  now he knows how to climb furniture.  So, we basically can’t even turn our backs for three seconds.  And he’s strong.  He can lift his entire body off the floor by holding the table top.  He’s like some jock.

I’m sad about Domingo.  Mostly, I’m just realizing how many times I think of him in a day.  Little things like, unconciously bracing myself to feel litter (that is no longer there) on the bathroom floor, to bigger things like telling my honey’s mom’s husband that the cat is no longer here when they arrived from South Carolina.  I realize how many people loved him.  A whole lot of people loved this cat who never left our house.  I’m coping ok. It is just weird to not have him here.

And I’m tired.  I slept three hours the night before Cake’s birthday party.  Mostly because we put the cat down in the afternoon, then we were too sad to function until it was too late.  We had to do all the party prep after bedtime.  Then that night we went out to celebrate my own birthday (which happened last month, but it was the only time I could get my close friends all in the same room.)  It was so yummy and wonderful to be with my friends and eat good food and drink good drinks.  I think I may have actually swooned.  And I was tired.

So that was rambling.

Just wanted to let you know what’s up over here.  And I wasn’t even organized enough to give you a bulleted list.




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The Family Cat

I don’t blog much about my cat.

The poor fellow has been all but ignored since Cake first popped onto the scene circa four years ago.  He became visibly alarmed when Trucker came home from the birthing center,  with good cause.  If he was ignored with just one kid, two kids pushed him even further down the family totem pole.

He’s such a sweet guy.  He has only once scratched either of my children and that, in his defense, one time was because Trucker was waving a string in front of him and he was batting at it.  Truck’s hand got in the way.

His full name is Domingo Perezoso Blanco De Marzo Henry [my last name hyphenated with my honey’s last name] Jr.

Domingo Perezoso means Lazy Sunday.  He wasn’t lazy when I first brought him home from the vet where I adopted him 11 years ago.  He was very puppy-like in fact.  I had a long chain made of those little silver balls often used on key chains or as lamp pulls.  We called it crazy string because it made Domingo go crazy with glee.  He played fetch and would chase the crazy string up walls.    He would also chase the other cat, Eli, around the house until she used her powerful chi to subdue him just by staring him down.

Once Eli passed away,  Mingo grew very large and spend a lot more time sleeping.  He started to live up to his name.


Today I found out that he is really sick.  The vet said he seems to be in renal failure.  He said that he may have eaten something poisonous.    He took blood and told me he’d let me know the prognosis in the morning.  He said it didn’t look good.  He might not make it long enough to get the test reults.

So here I am feeling like a bad cat mommy.  Even though I love him and he loves me.  I put on the air conditioner and we’re sitting here together.  I’m giving him love and petting him.  I don’t need to be told I’m not a bad cat mommy.  I just need to feel like I do right by him from here on out.


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A Lot Can Happen In 10 Days

I haven’t blogged for 10 days?  That’s crazy.

The first big development is that I am suddenly and inexplicably OVER pumping.  Oh.  Ver.  I want to throw the thing out the window.  Hate.  Hate hate hate it.  I was appreciating the zen and the connection to my baby yadda yadda.  Suddenly it feels more hard  than calm.  More ouch than ahhh.  But.  I will push through this.  It must be hormonal or something.  I’m finding it especially difficult to sit through the last five minutes.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I pump for 15 minutes each time.  The theory being that my brea$ts will empty, thus stimulating more milk production.  But the most milk comes out in the first 8 minutes.  The rest of the time I’m crawling out of my skin.  If I pump for a shorter time, will my milkies go away?  Please say no.

The second thing is the BEST.  Date night.  My honey and I have a good friend who lives across the street.  But we never saw much of her because she is highly allergic to my big fat cat, Domingo Perezoso.  (Perhaps I’ll post a picture.)  So our friend, blog name Titi Lisa, got herself some allergy drugs that actually work.  And for two Fridays IN A ROW, she has babysat for us.  I went out with my honey. On a date.  Two weeks in a row.  Sounds like not such a big deal, but we have gone as long as nine months without a single childless dinner out when Cakie was little.  We just suck at getting sitters and sticking to our promise of one date night a month.  So here’s my unsolicited mommy a$$vice du jour:  date night.  Do it.  Do it often.  Do it for each other.  It is worth every penny.  If you can get someone to do it for free, so much the better.

I’m actually working on getting a sitter again this Friday.  Since it is restaurant week here in Brooklyn and we haven’t actually seen a movie in those two previous Fridays.  I’ll give more details on the actual dates soon.  They were actually kind of funny in an embarrassing lame-a$$ way.

On that note, I bring you Domingo:

(I don’t know how to turn it right side round, so tilt your head.)



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1 whole maternity leave = 1/2 over

1 half maternity leave = remaining

1/4 of my last baby’s first year = done like dinner

3/4 of my last baby’s first year = stretching out ahead of us like a shining 50 yard dash to toddlerhood

1/2 of my family = boys

1/2 of my family = women

oops!  2/5 of my family = human boys

1/5 of my family = eunich cat

2/5 of my family = human women  (Sorry, Domingo kitty!)

fraction of original brain cells remaining after giving birth = 2/98

fraction of babies getting pissed that I’m looking at computer instead of him = 1 whole


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Mother #$%^er


I just gave the post that title to grab your attention. Slick, eh?

Actually, I feel like I should be writing something witty and deep about mothers.

All I can say is that if every woman who bore us: those of us reading this, those of us we love, even those of us we don’t like or understand (hello, GWB), felt at some point in their pregnancy as quickly tired as I have felt this past week… hats off to them. Deep, huh?

These were my mother’s day presents. I must start out by saying that since my honey and I are not great at planning ahead, mother’s day around here is pretty low-key. No one person gets pampered. We are too lame to make reservations anywhere. We both lamed out on gifts. That said, I did get a few gifts today.

The first one came from my cat. Domingo Perezoso (that’s the short version of his name) for the past year or so, has decided every single morning to wake me up at 4 am, so I would throw him in the bathroom. He just misses me or something. Not this morning. This morning I woke up at 6 when my son stumbled in. Son climbed into bed with us. So did cat. We all got to snuggle for a few minutes. A and I suggested Cakie make us breakfast. He did not.

The second came from my mother. (And myself.) I finalized my weekend away-without-Cakie-before-the-baby-comes! Did I mention we are not plan-aheaders? My mother is going to fly up to watch Cake along with my brother (also super-wonderful) for the weekend. How mind-blowingly wonderful is she, I ask you? We are going to stay in what seems to quite possibly be the gayest hotel evah. I’m going to get a prenatal massage in the tiny spa. We’re going to watch the sunset next to the fire pit on the roof. I’m going to drink a virgin cocktail at the lesbian-owned bar across the street. Then I’m going to try my damnedest to sleep in as late as humanly possible the next day. As starhillgirl would say, wooo and hoo!

The last one came from my honey and my Cakie and my unborn little guy. They just gave me the gift of being a mother. Without them, I would just be me. Which is ok, too.

My mom reminded me during our mother’s day chat. She said, “Remember last year when you were so torn up about trying to get pregnant?” Yes. I will never forget.

My last mother’s day note is that next year (as we say at Passover, “next year in Jerusalem”) — next year those of you who are not mothers right now, those of you who are all torn up over trying to get pregnant, are in a position to look back at this year — with one hand resting on your basketball baby belly– and say, yes. I remember. I will never forget. And then you will go back to staring at your belly button. Wondering when it will pop right out.

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Photo Friday: My Favorite Tee Shirts

I have three. I’m not sure how to re-size them, so I hope I can put all three photos on this one post.

The first two are my shirts. The Wilde one was given to me as a gift when I was in high school. Yes, folks, that would be circa 1987. My coolest friend, who eventually turned out to be my gayest, brought this back to me from a trip to Italy. It has a great Oscar Wilde quote about Narcissus in English on the top, and the same quote is reflected on the bottom in Italian. Could a cooler shirt exist?

Second features a prop. The shirt was made and given to me by a great photographer, friend, and ex-girlfriend, Joannie. The cat on the shirt is my dearly departed Moose. Feeling like a not-so-great pet mommy, I have included my cat for the first time on my blog. The real cat is my big man, Domingo Perezoso Blanco De Marzo Henry Mallery Junior. I don’t over-feed him, I swear. It is glandular. Anyway, Joannie surprised me one day while we were still dating. She had taken the shot of Moose one morning, and shortly after wanted to experiment with a tee shirt-making kit she had. Moose died in 1998. Joannie. My dear Joannie also passed away on December 5, 2006. Even when this shirt is only one thread, I will keep it.
On a lighter note, the final shirt is my favorite shirt belonging to Cakie. Not only is it cute, but when he wears it, he periodically points to his chest and says, “Applepiss.” How could I not include that?



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