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I want to post more about my physical therapy.

But it is 11:30 pm already.

Where goes the time?

Ok, I promise I’ll do it very very soon.

I resolve to, in fact.


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If I Could Live One Year Over…

On New Year’s Day (Happy New Year, my peeps!) I was chowing down on some serious black-eyed peas with some seriously wonderful people.  My dear dear friend and cook of said BEPs, Nethermede, asked this question of her pork-imbibing and vegetarian guests: “If you had to choose between waking up tomorrow and completely skipping the year 2010, or going back and having to relive one of the past ten years, what would you do?  And if you chose to relive, which year would it be?”  Having two small and adorable children whose lives I would not like to miss even a day of, I chose to relive.  But which year?  Hmmm.

I need to do one of those decade run-downs just to be sure I made the right choice.  This is really more for me than for you, but read on, dear reader.  And see if you can guess which year I chose off the top of my head.

2000  All I remember is that this was my first year teaching.  I’d been with my honey for one year.  I was in grad school at night.  The day I spent pretty much in tears much of the time.  My weekends were spent lesson planning.  I’m hoping most of those former first graders figured out how to read.  I certainly didn’t do much to help them.  The poor dears.

2001 I moved up to teaching second grade.  I was feeling very confident that first week.  On the fourth day of school, the twin towers fell.  It was the day I became an adult.  I spent the afternoon sitting with other teachers hunched over a radio, as the children innocently danced to “Take Me Out the the Ball Game.”  We waited, smelling the cloud of heavy smoke that blew straight to Brooklyn, we waited to see whose parents would not show up to get their kids.

2002 Umm. Err.  Can I maybe remember one thing that happened in 2002? Ah!  I finished my masters degree in education.  And I think I may have foolishly resolved to try to get pregnant when I turned 33.  Hah.  So funny.  Hooo.  My belly hurts from the laughter.

2003 I think my honey started to try to get pregnant.  I won’t say much about this, since she does not like me to blog about her.  I will say only that we spent way too much time and money on our donor choice.  Waaay too much.

2004 My honey tries to get pregnant.  We give up on the known donor, shipping fresh sperm from wherever he was at the time in his crazy academic job search, to the much more reliable, yet far more expensive sperm bank.

We bought our apartment!  Our first home!  That was huge.

2005 New Year’s Day, we found out that my honey was pregnant.  On the last try we did at home.  The day that worked was either on the first or third night in our new home. I was beginning to think it was my fault, somehow, that she wasn’t getting pregnant.  But she did.  And she immediately got very very tired.  This was my year of adjusting to being a non-gestational parent.  I took close notes on what I would or would not want to do in my own pregnancy.  I did my best to support her. I tried to cook her healthy food and ended up bringing her Wendy’s hamburgers because it was all she could hold down.  I was extremely happy and a little jealous.  On August 16, I became a mother.  Three weeks earlier than we expected.  By c-section.  And he was so little and so good and so very very cute.  My little sack of sugar.  My Cakie boy.  The rest of that year was a blur.  Lots of diapers and strange attempts at helping the Boobah sleep.

2006 My little sack of sugar’s first year.  I had been dying to try to get pregnant.  Now all I was trying to do was keep my eyes open.  I decided to wait until a few months after he turned one to start TTC, so the baby would be born around the time he turned two. [Chuckle.]  I honestly don’t remember exactly when I started trying.  But mind you, I’d been charting my temperature since my honey first started TTC.  Yeah, for reals.

2007 This was the real TTC year.  I did TTC for a year and a half.  But this was the year of desperation. This was the year in which many of the weeks were spent waiting.  This was the year I began to blog (hi, y’all!)  This was the year I gave up on trying at home and gave up on limiting my attempts to only one year.  This was the year in which I almost gave up.  And it was the year I found out it had finally worked.  I guess you can read all about it on this here blog.  On Halloween, we saw a ghost on the pregnancy test.  Trucker decided to finally show up. I was pregnant!  And I was a little more happy to be done with trying than I was to be having a baby.  It is true.  I admit it.

2008 The year of my pregnancy.  I was all glowy and happy.  I looked fabulous.  I felt great.  (Though I couldn’t eat candy for much of the year, which is just not me, I tell you.) People were lifting things for me and opening doors for me.  I didn’t have to TTC anymore.  I had lots to blog about.  I only had one child.  Until, July 11, that is.  On that day, my due date, Trucker showed up.  My water broke right after my mom told him via the phone to my belly to be born.  And again, the rest of the year is a blur.

2009  I have two kids.  I don’t have much to blog about.  I went back to work.  Though I didn’t want to do it, I’m so glad I did.  I started teaching third grade in September and I love it.  That’s all, folks.

So which year did I choose?  Can you guess?


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Bloggity Blog

Whew.  November was long.

This little self challenge of posting every day has only served to reaffirm what I pretty much already know:  I should write when I have something to say.

Not that it was all bad.  It was good to make myself write.  I knocked out a good post or two (out of thirty, or twenty-six).  I learned to be choosy about my words. Mmmm.  But I’m glad it is over.

The next time I write, I hope, it will be because there is something I really want to share with you.




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Pecan Bars

I’m making them right now.  I always buy them in bakeries in my fair city.  This is the first time I’m making them.  My house smells really good.

In other news, Trucker appears to be getting three teeth at once.  He’s been ingesting a lot of pain killers.  I was sure he wouldn’t sleep last night.  He woke up three times before I went to bed.  Then, not only did he sleep all night, he stayed asleep until 7:15ish!  A miracle.  I might add that it is incomparably easier to get ready in the morning with only one child awake.

I just realized that I forgot to get oatmeal when I went to the coop today. Dangit.

I’m sure you are wildly entertained by this laundry list of a post.  I wish I could put the pecan bar smell into the post.  Then you’d totally dig it.

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Searching for a Replacement for “Lame.” Anyone?

Here’s the comment to which I’m responding:

I’m sorry you had a tough day/time period, but the headline of your post really got to me because i’ve been trying to deal with language use in my classroom (I’m a law student). I found this blog post when searching for stuff to show my classmates and thought you might be interested in reading it.

By the way, teaching kids to read is pretty darn awesome.

Zach — How do you know that I am not, in fact, lame?  Welp, I’m not unable to move my legs, so you’ve got me there.  I have felt the same way about using the word “crazy”  before.  The only problem is that there lacks a equally descriptive word in either case. Or, I should say, I lack an equally descriptive word.  So, dear law student, I’d be happy to remove the word “lame” from my lexicon if you can supply me with an equally descriptive word that doesn’t offend anyone.  Therein lies the rub.  More appropriate would be for me to say, “I feel as though I’m suffering from dementia.”  Yet, would that be putting those folks down?  I guess I could say I’m pathetic.  I guess that is a less-offensive term.  But forgetting the conversation in which my mom asked if it would be ok for her boyfriend to stay over the break, and then remembering it just as she re-told me they would be staying with us (and don’t worry, Mom, it isn’t a problem at all, I just had told Ang you’d be staying at the hotel again because that hole in my brain told me so) probably doesn’t actually evoke pity in any of my readers.

As a person who loves words, of course, I’ve had to zip over to my online dictionary a few times in writing this.  I am actually feeling annoyed that the first and second definitions of “lame” do indicate folks with leg and foot difficulties.  Then the third one says, “weak; inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy.”  Ugh. That is offensive.  I am annoyed at a word.  This is all very weak, inadequate and unsatisfactory.

I’m sure some of my readers will think you are over-sensitive and too PC.  Other of my readers, like me, have probably been hurt by other peoples’ flip use of language.  So thanks, I appreciate you pointing that out to me and to your students.   I’m not sure I’ll be able to completely rid my mouth of the word.  But when I do say it, I will feel guilty and kick myself for not saying weak, inadequate or unsatisfactory.

I’m also open to other suggestions for replacements for both lame and crazy.  I say “crazy” way too often.  Anyone?  Give me good ones that won’t sound stilted or academic.  No offense to law student Zach. 😉


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Talking Turkey

I am so sorry to bore you like this.  I guess if one is going to blog every day, one ought to think about it for a while before that month happens, so one might have an arsenal of interesting tidbits on which one’s readers can thoughtfully chew.

Me?  I have a clogged pipe.  That’s the big news of the day.  The sink is clogged and it is backing in to the dishwasher.  All of this the week before Thanksgiving, which we will host.

So.  Any advice?  I’m going to call the super and ask if he’ll snake the sink, but I’m a little worried about why the dishwasher isn’t draining.

Also, do any of you have a fabulous and novel recipe for a side dish for turkey day?  My honey asked her facebook friends and they came up with nothing.  I’m sure you guys have something delicious and inspiring in your recipe boxes. Share, please.  🙂


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The World’s Lamest Post



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