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New Baby Assvice

I was thinking of this this morning.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because sometimes my b00bies feel like they are having a milk let-down, even though that makes no sense.  I have some advice for brand new moms.  Because I just KNOW nobody is offering any to you.

1.  If you are trying to breastfeed and anyone tells you to supplement and acts as though your baby’s life depends on it please do the following: nod, smile, and call a lactation consultant.  Don’t worry about the fee, it will pay itself back in lack of formula expenses tenfold.  It seems that nobody trusts your b00bs the way an LC does.  Not your doctor, not your baby’s doctor.  Thank me later.

2. Wait a week.  Whatever it is that’s driving you bazanas, or worrying you sick… just try to stay chill and wait a week.  It may just change.  Unless it is something about which you should call the doctor.  Then just call the doctor.

3. Call the doctor.  Don’t worry about bothering him or her.  Just make the call when you are worried.  It will make you feel better.

4.  If somebody gives you annoying advice on the street (this may just be for New York moms.  Does this happen elsewhere?)  Smile and say either, “Thanks for letting me know,”  or  “Thanks, I’ve got it under control.”  Remember, they are trying to be helpful and have no idea how mad they just made you.  Or you could just bonk them on the head.

5. Don’t forget to love your honey.  You are both tired and easily annoyed right now.  Remember why you chose her (or him) to have this baby with in the first place.  And go on a date as soon as you are able.  Nurture that love, honey.  You’ll be glad you did.

I don’t know why I’m getting all preachy.  Perhaps because it is Sunday?  Or because I don’t feel like I have anything real to write about?  Maybe I just want you to ignore that last post?  Who knows?



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The Milky Way

I have not nursed the boy in over a week.

But I still feel the milk.  It still comes in.

Anybody know when this will stop?


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That’s what Cakie used to say at the end of a book: Eeee-N!

I believe I’ve come to E-N of my breastfeeding days.  I realized the other day while he was biting me once again, hard, that I no longer feel like the breastfeeding is the snuggy bonding love fest that it used to be.  When I feel a little fear and a little anxiety mixed with an involuntary roll of the eyes when he requests a nursing session, I think it is time to move on.

I don’t feel so wishy-washy about it anymore.  I just need to be a little firm and get over the hump.  Since I got it down to about one feed per day, I feel like I just need to avoid that feed.  The weekend will be hard, though.  When he’s around me all day, he’s more likely to want a little sip.    Also, I will have a hard time if he gets hurt, then comes to me and does the chest thump.  I do like to calm him by nursing.  But he doesn’t do that so much anymore.

For the past two days, when he has “requested” to nurse, I have asked him if he wants milk, made the sign for milk, and gone to get him a bottle.

We shall see how it goes.  I am not famous for my willpower.

Any tips, oh wise ones?


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Am I a Weaner?

More of me is thinking I should start weaning Trucker than the part that is thinking, “Oh what the heck, it doesn’t bother anybody. Let’s do it until it becomes an entertaining, fascinating, but admittedly (trying-hard-not-to-judge-because-I -don’t-actually-care) freaky video on youtube.”

I only really feed him twice a day now.  Once when he wakes up, I usually take him into bed and nurse side-lying, so I can lay down for fifteen more minutes.  Unlike other babies, though, this does not induce more sleep on the part of the Truck.  He just tries to stand up and knock things down and wake up his other mom and teeter off the side of the bed as soon as he’s done.  The second feed is after I pick him up from daycare.

So my loose “plan” was to distract him after daycare and give him a bottle and hope he doesn’t notice that the second feed is dropped.

Have I mentioned that Trucker never picked up the baby signs?  Cakie was pretty good at them.  But Trucker, God love him, doesn’t look at me very often.  So I was kind of signing to the wall while Trucker watched Cake, or the cat, or a spot on the wall.  But now he is inventing his own signs.  His sign for nursing?  He slaps me in the chest.  Manners!  So, I’m not so fond of that. Also, he is now insisting that he be able to put his fingers in my mouth while he nurses.  I can’t get him to stop.  Then, if I forget and make him laugh (which I do a lot because he is so very cute when he laughs) he bites me.  All of the above are reasons why we won’t be nursing at age 8.  But lately, he has been demanding the second feed (slap, slap, slap.)  It leads me to wonder when it will end. And when I think about it actually ending, it makes me sad.  But when he bites me… well, that also makes me sad.  In a sharp, painful way.

This morning during the feed, he became frustrated.  I was letting him nurse, but – slap, slap, slap – it wasn’t enough for him.  And it struck me that perhaps it will be neither my choice nor Trucker’s when we stop.  I just might run out.

And that bites.


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Flying Pumps

S wants to know how nursing has changed for me since I stopped pumping.

ooh…i have a question. since i’m getting ready to throw my pump out the window, but haven’t just yet, how did not pumping change breastfeeding for you?

Let me start by saying that I love how she started the question with “Ooooh!”  I can just see her sitting in my class waving her hand and yelling “Ooooh!  Oooh!  Me!”  Instead of my usual, “I’ll call on somebody who is raising a quiet hand.”  I’ll go ahead and answer.  First though, I wish I were clever with graphic programs, I’d make a visual for you… throwing the pump out the window reminded me of one of the very first screen savers: the flying toasters.  Is anyone else old enough to remember that?  Just change the toaster to a pump.images

Hmmm.  For one thing, it got a heck of a lot more easy.  My life, that is.  I was spending less time washing and steaming pump parts and more time with the baby or at work, with my colleagues and doing my actual physical job.  I no longer forced myself to stay up to do that final pump around 11, so I was also getting more sleep.

Actual nursing, though?  Once I stopped pumping, I realized how few times I actually hold the baby to me and feed him.  Twice.  It came down to twice.  Once when we first wake up and once when I pick him up from daycare.  We decided to give him a bottle before bed, so we wouldn’t fall into the nurse-to-sleep situation.  If I were nursing him to sleep that would make it three times a day.  That’s not so many times.   It made it sad for me.  But it also forced me to enjoy the times that I do feed him.

My supply was ok on the weekends.  I do give him bottles when I feel like he maybe didn’t get enough.  For several months, though, the weekend nursing stayed healthy.  I don’t know if my supply just lessened, or if it is a result of the extra bottles, but the weekend nursing is less now, too.  He gets some bottles and some mommy milk.

It is bittersweet, really.  Part of me feels fine that I’m no longer sustaining him with just my body.  I mean, he’s eating food, too.  And now that he’s off formula, I don’t have to feel skeeved out by that anymore.  I’m planning on weaning him sometime in the next few months, anyway.  So I feel like the two feeds will make that transition easier than if I were nursing him all the time, whenever he had a hankering for a sip.

Another part of me, of course, feels sad.  This is my last baby.  It is the last time my girls will do the job they’ve been put on this earth to do.  I will miss that awareness of the milk coming in.  I will miss the look on his face as he nurses.  It is one of the few times in the day when he sits still and looks at me.  One part of me wants to make a plan to do this weaning.  And another part —  the part that will probably win — wants to let him make that decision.  It doesn’t interfere with my life at all.  The worst part of it being that the teeth (and by worst, I mean WORST!) sometimes hurt me a great deal.  Who knows?  Like most things I do, I will just wait to see what happens.

Now, I want to get to this mommyblogging issue, but I just realized that my yoga class starts 45 minutes sooner than I expected.  So I’ll do it tomorrow.


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Latch/Unlatch: What I Did With My Eldest While I Nursed the Baby

I don’t entirely remember nursing Trucker and watching Cake alone at the same time when he was really little.  Someone else was almost always around in the beginning.

I remember wishing I’d spoken to Cakie about how he could “help” when I nursed by stroking the baby’s feet or singing a song or something before the baby was born.  But I didn’t do that, so instead I had my sweet Cakie trying to jump all over me, a past time to which he had grown accustomed in his life as the only child, while I was trying and trying to properly latch the baby on. [For a visual, see my header.  Though it looks snuggy, it was taken right before he tried to jump on us. Sweet Cakieboy.]

Eventually, I left the room and nursed T in the privacy of the glider in my room.  Now adays, Cakie knows that when I’m feeding Trucker, I pretty much can’t do anything else.  He does try to get me to play with him while I’m nursing and I remind him that he’ll need to wait a while first.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have prepped him more both for the time I would be nursing and about the pump.  A few times a little later on, once Truck and I got better at the feeding routine, I would snuggle up with both boys and a book.

I’ll answer SN’s question about the pump and I have a whole post brewing about this “mommyblogger” business.  Both things will have to happen after the weekend I’m about to have at Sesame Place.

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Post Post Post Partum Post

Trucker is almost a year old.

Almost a year ago, I pushed a nine pound, three ounce baby out of my body.  Now, if you are pregnant right now, you may want to click away.

I tore, but it wasn’t bad. Not as bad as it can be.  But a year later I’m still recovering.  I want to know if this is unusual.  The tear healed in a few weeks.  My muscles, my pelvic floor?  Not so much.  I’m still feeling all loosey goosey down there.  I still feel somtimes like parts of me are going to fall out.  Do I do enough kegels?  No.  But I feel like when you tear a muscle, it heals fairly quickly.  What’s up with my super-hero pelvic floor?  Why so wimpy?

In other areas, My hair is freaking out.  About two months post-partum my hair started to fall out.  It fell out for about two more months.  I knew it would fall out, but for two months?  Now it is growing back.  It is more curly than it was pre-Trucker.  And I have these frizzy halo hairs around my hairline that make my hair look bad in a pony tail.  A mother of two can’t afford to have her hair look bad in a pony tail.  I could cut it short in a dykey little pixie like I had in my early twenties.  But have I mentioned the color?  Bright, fire red?  It is very pretty long.  I’m also a little afraid that if it chooses to be more curly,  perhaps I might look like I’ve been hanging out with Daddy Warbucks if I cut it short.  Now right near the temples, it is a different color.  My friends have been going gray for a long time.  I always wondered when it would hapen to me.  I’ve had days at work as a teacher when I was sure I’d see a shock of white hair the next time I saw my reflection.  My hair is not going grey, however.  It is going gold.  I’m gold around the temples.  I guess it goes better with red than grey.

My body elsewhere is a little weird, too.  From nursing I’ve lost lots of weight.  Only in my legs.  If they were long enough, I could wear a size six pant.  Before I gave birth, I wore ten or twelve.  My gut, on the other hand?  It is bigger than usual.  Which is to be expected.  But I can’t figure out when to exercise.  Well, now that school is out, I’ll be able to form and start a plan, but once it resumes, I’m not sure how I’ll squeeze it in.  But the nursing is happening less and less often. Soon the nugget will be able to drink cow’s milk and I’ll be probably cutting out the afternoon nurse.  I need to get cracking with the exercise.  I want to be healthy.

Nursing Trucker these days is a full contact sport.  He’s very big and active.  He likes to climb around on me while he nurses.  Sometimes he tries to walk away with me in his mouth.  And now that he has his teeth (4!) he tries to bite me.  I’m trying to do what the nursing book says and take him off before he bites and end the feed.  But I don’t think he’s making the connection that the feed ends because of the bite.  I think he just thinks biting my nipp1e is hilarious.  Ha ha.  I’m laughing so hard that it is not apparent to the naked eye.

That’s it.  Besides the lovely spider veins that have appeared near my knees, I have nothing more post post post partum to report.  Who knows how much of it is from giving birth and how much is from being almost 38?  Not I.


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