About My Book

Attention non-bio moms or moms-to-be: I am writing a guidebook for the expectant, but not pregnant, lesbian mom. If you are the one-out-of-two moms who did not give birth, or are not the pregnant or TTC (with your own body) one and you’d like to be interviewed for my book, please let me know. I may not get back to you immediately, but I will be excited to hear from you and I’ll contact you when I’m ready to do the interview. I’m also looking to interview co-moms of older kids and older children of lesbian couples as well. Also, couples who took turns carrying their children. Are you a “lesbian step-mom” who is trying to have a new baby with your partner who has kids from another life?  Of course, I won’t exclude the transgender community. I welcome anyone who feels like they have something to say about the topic. Drop me a line!

oneofhismoms at gmail dotcom


6 responses to “About My Book

  1. PJ

    I am the a mom of three grown children and am
    soon to become the co-parent of a baby boy. My
    partner is 35 and I am 56. We have gone through
    fertility treatments, miscarriage and my partner is now 22 weeks pregnant with our son. My partner
    and I have been together for going on 14 years and
    the first part of our relationship we were raising
    my youngest daughter who was twelve when we
    got together. I am available if you would like to interview me. PJ

  2. boombababy

    Hi. I’ve been lurking around here for a while. CONGRATS!!!!!!! I can’t believe how quickly that all happened…Whoa!

    Also, I’m going to pass this url along to my wife, who, is having concerns about being the non-pregnant mom in our little family. i got pregnant right away – first IUI – but it ended up being ectopic and now we are getting ready to try again. We both have fears and concerns, but obviously, her are SO different from mine at this point. She’s been through an exhausting process of supporting me through 2 months of ectopic stuffs – methotrexate injections etc. and I think the whole thing was a glimpse into how completely dependent I was and could be again.

    Anyways…Good Luck and Congrats! again 🙂


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  4. Mindy

    I just saw on your blog that you are writing a book for the non-pregnant expecting mom, GO YOU!!!! I am not lesbian, but I am currently trying to get my sister pregnant with my child due to the fact that I have a heart defect. I would be VERY interested in reading your book, and wondering where you are in your process.

  5. In my family I had two girls from a previous relationship that I gave birth to. Then my partner became step mom to them and carried our only little one together. Our girls are 14, 9 and 2. You can learn more about us on my wifey’s blog http://www.wannabeearthmamas.blogspot.com

  6. Lindsay

    Hi, I am not sure if you are done writing your book. I would be interested in being interviewed or being linked to people/blogs who are in a similar situation as me and my wife’s. I have two biological children from a previous marriage, and she has two biological children from a previous marriage as well. So we are co parenting those four as two moms. We also want to have another baby of our own and are trying to figure out who should have the baby, when, what the kids will think etc. I cant wait to read another book on this topic!

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