An Exchange With My Son

Cakie:  Mommy, Sihad says the number infinity-nine doesn’t exist.

Me: Well, technically, he’s right.  Infinity is like all the numbers in the world.  It keeps going.  You can’t really add nine to that.  What do you mean by infinity-nine, anyway?

C: It’s the last number in infinity.  You know, like twenty-nine, thirty-nine.



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2 responses to “An Exchange With My Son

  1. Kim

    Makes perfect sense. Smart kid.

  2. Briar

    When GMB was little and learned about infinity, he and Wes posited that if there are infinity numbers, then eventually there is a number named EVERYTHING. So there is a number called “Empire State Building” and a number named “Wes” and a number named “infinity-nine”. I think he is right.

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