All Whine, No Wine

I’m very whiney.

See,  I think this digestive situation I’ve been having may be IBS.  Which is worse, it turns out, than being lactose intolerant, because I also can’t have coffee, or chocolate, or booze.

I just came home fairly early from my staff end-of-the-year party, I can’t drink and I can’t eat any of the delicious desserts on the dessert table.  (Though I did have watermelon.  I love watermelon.  But there is only so much watermelon a person can eat.)  So I was just bummin.  It was nice to chat with people.  But still.

There have been two times in the past three weeks during my first, no coffee and high fiber, then no dairy diet, that I’ve messed up and gotten sick for several days.  The first one involved a plate of “Super Nachos” and three cocktails, followed by four sips of coffee the next day.  The second one involved two Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonics and three pieces of rugelach.  I’m thinking the alcohol was a deciding factor in both slips.  So I’m not drinking that anymore, either.

I know things could be a lot worse.  I could have cancer or chronic hiccups or something far more disruptive.  It still could be celiac (nooo!)

But this is such a buzz kill.  I love food.  I love it.  Especially baked goods and cheese.  It just puts me in a bad space.

So say something to cheer me up, kay?


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5 responses to “All Whine, No Wine

  1. Haven’t you only been having trouble a couple of months? I really think it might be worth talking to a GI doc about an antibiotic, just in case this is something you can get rid of easily.

    Maybe I already mentioned this, but we went through this terrible period where Sugar couldn’t eat anything and had to have every test ever because her dad has some kind of Crohn’s and everyone freaked out, and after months and months of misery and way too much weight loss, she went to see a GI guy who thought she might as well try an antibiotic…and everything was better in two weeks. Giardia. From tap water in the U.S.

  2. Yeah, you aren’t the first person to say this. My doctor put in for tests for one kind of bacteria, but I agree. This has all been very sudden. I will act for a referral. Pray for bacteria! 🙂

  3. starrhillgirl

    I wish I could make some distracting advent-calendar for you, but, sadly, I’m not so talented. Weirdly, my next door neighbor is having similar issues. Hmmmm…. antibiotics…

  4. My sister experienced something similar and starting drinking Good Belly everyday and doubled up on probiotics. That helped immensly. As for me, I’m off dairy because I’m breastfeeding, baby can’t tolerate the proteins. However, when I can have it again I will enjoy super nachos, a vanilla milkshake, an iced mocha, enchiladas and a bowl of cereal. All at the same time! Ha! I wish. Good luck, like the blog 🙂

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