Happy Herb?

I figure a group of anonymous lesbians can probably help me out here.

I’m pretty sure the stomach problems are directly tied to coffee.  And I’ve stopped drinking it and have upped my fiber intake.  Fine.  After over two weeks, the headaches are finally going away. My stomach stopped hurting.

But I have a bigger problem.  It is a huge problem, actually, considering that my job is to educate and care for the well-being of 19 children every day.

The problem?

I’m a bitch.

I’m a bitch on wheels.  I have absolutely NO PATIENCE.  (See, I’m yelling already.)  I can’t be this way with my job.  It is not right.  The kids should not be subjected to a psychohosebeast every day while they are just trying to learn.

I tried a little science experiment and took four sips of A’s coffee two days ago.  I was nice for one day.  But my stomach still hurts a little two days later.  I guess I can’t do that.  Some friends have recommended trying decaf.  But it does have caff in it, so I’m a little nervous.  Right now I’m drinking Calming Yogi tea, upon the recommendation of a co-worker.

Do any of you have a non-caff herb or food or something that isn’t an anti-depressant that makes you less bitchy? Chocolate doesn’t count.  And I can’t start the day with a glass of wine.

Please share.  For the children’s sake.



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9 responses to “Happy Herb?

  1. jay

    These worked wonders for me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodiola_rosea (they alleviated a fairly mild case of PNDish crapness that definitely included bitchiness somewhere). Hope that helps!

  2. You might try green tea. It’s supposed to create hormonal balance and it has a smidge of caffeine but none of the acid and tough stuff that coffee has. Could be a nice balance of what you need….good luck!

  3. ladykay

    I have different issues with caffine; too much makes my heart go pit-a-pat. Even decaf coffee will do it to me. I have found that iced tea does a nice job of giving me a “just right” shot of caffine though.

  4. you are gonna hate me for this…
    but just — wait.
    it will get better.
    you won’t be a bitch forever. tho if you are we are clearly not dealing with a caffeine issue now are we 🙂

    also… the next time you feel the bitchy-ness coming on. focus on it. do a mental checklist as to what it is exactly that is bothering you.
    you will most likely notice its not such a big deal and can move on. you may even be able to laugh at yourself.

    oh, and there is always more sex.
    I know, I know – you have kids. so be creative.

  5. St.John’s wort has been wonderful for me at various times in my life. I think it’s kind of natural anti-depressant.

  6. CD

    Take an omega-3 fish oil supplement!!

  7. Goldengrryl

    L-Theanine helps with anxiety. St. John’s wort also has helped me a different times in my life. Yoga is good. Abdominal breathing, which can be tricky to learn, if you don’t know how to do it. I can teach you the next time I see you.

  8. ladykay

    Oh yeah, B6 is great. It’s a “mood stabilizer.” My doc suggested it for PMS and I found it very helpful.

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