We went to SN’s birthday dinner at a scrumptious Thai restaurant in Queens.  Trucker has been considered by his moms to be unrestaurantable for so long, that I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Besides, we had that test run with grandma at the local diner and he did just fine.  He sat in the high chair, flirted with the servers, and generally didn’t make too much noise.  My cabin fever got the best of me and we ventured out.  It was a kid-friendly restaurant with a lovely garden and we were a three-high chair party.

Alas.  The boy… the boy remains on the U-list.  They had a lovely fountain.  I thought this would be a great distraction, if he got bored at the table, we could go over and look and play at the fountain.  It was too much of a distraction.  There was very little sitting at the table.  If he was at the table, he only sat in the high chair for a total of five minutes, where he did actually devour some dumplings.  Then it was on to my or A’s lap, where he lunged and twisted about in a concentrated effort to get back to the fountain.  Once at the fountain, he would do everything in his power to attempt to climb in to the fountain.  Yeah.  I’m not going to be that mom.  I already am the one who was letting him stick his hand in the water and get his shirt all wet.  Cakie was pretty good, though, aside from the two mad dashes to the fountain from our table, before I gave him a talking to about running in restaurants.  I hate when kids run in restaurants. That said, there was no food thrown.  No actual loud melt-downs occured, and no waitstaff sent a platter of plates flying into the fountain because of tripping over my children.  It was more about the fact that it just wasn’t entirely relaxing.

On the up side, I did actually get time to sit at the table and chat with grown-ups.  I enjoyed that quite a bit.  And I have my honey to thank, since she took longer boychick-tending shifts than I did.  I love her.



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5 responses to “Unrestaurantable

  1. nutella

    I guess all we can keep telling ourselves if that it won’t be forever, right?

  2. Lo

    Jo is on the U-List for, essentially, all public venues. Sigh.

  3. Well, yeah, Nutella. It is nice to have a four-year-old. He’s living proof that it won’t actually be forever. I just hope it doesn’t take two more years!!

  4. sn

    yes, these U-children of ours…not relaxing. but it was great seeing you, your honey, and the delicious boys and having disjointed conversations with you.

  5. There has got to be way to transition them from home to public eateries.It’s possible because i have seen some well behave little kids in restaurants.

    Maybe if you go out more often the newness will wear off and they can resist the urge to show out.Or require the same behavior at home you would require in a restaurant.

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