*TRUKKEN — When one goes Truckin’ at Ikea.  (Note the awesome assembly of excavators on the other side of the parking lot.  Toddler heaven.)

This blog is turning into a place for me to post pictures of my toddler looking at trucks.  Fascinating, right?

Well, if you can think of something helpful I could write, let me know.  My “How-to” posts seem to get the most play.  I love to be helpful, though I’m not much of an expert at anything except posting pictures of my toddler looking at trucks.



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6 responses to “TRUKKEN*

  1. Lo

    Our toddler also did some trukken (in that exact spot) although it’s the buses that really get him going. He can’t pass one without singing “wheel bus” and there’s an entire lot of school buses out that window….

  2. sn

    we live such parallel lives! when we don’t go to the playground, we must go to the store. that forced an ikea trip two weekends ago when it was all cold and rainy. mind control maze be damned–there are so many exciting kids to look at and toys to play with!

  3. mommytoo

    you have no idea how much i relate to this picture.

  4. I desperately need a how-to on posting pictures on wordpress. I always f*ck it up rather horridly. As a bonus, this sort of how-to post would allow us to see more pictures of your toddler. With trucks.

  5. mer

    if you’re up for writing it, i’d love some of your words of wisdom on tantrums and threatening-to-become tantrums. or perhaps your little trucker is not as stubborn as our little s…! we’ve mostly been giving in before the tantrum starts, but now that the focus seems to have shifted to s’s desire to eat only junk food (yes, organic junk food, but junk food nonetheless) giving in is less palatable. the only thing that works is distraction, but not all the time. would love your thoughts/experiences/etc…

    • It must be genetic. I’ve always had a secret desire to be a long haul trucker. I loved it years ago when I had my little VW diesel Rabbit. At that time diesel station could be scarce and there were times I had to go around the back of a real truck stop and gas up with the big guys. I loved those big trucks that stood so tall. You go, Trucker!

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