That Says, “Happy Holidays”

I’m going to give you a much-deserved break in my pelvic floor posting in order to post about something I try not to talk about too much in real life.  I try not to talk about it, because when I do, it sounds like bragging.

Cakie can read.

I was in no rush to see the boy read.  I knew in my heart of hearts that he would have no trouble reading and that there was no need to rush.  But his old-school daycare pre-K teacher pounded some sight words into him.  He’s known the sounds (many of them) that letters make for ages.  Put them both together and the boy can read.  By “read” I mean, he can sound out words that can be sounded out.  But now —  and this is extremely cool for someone who works with second and third-graders, who, if they haven’t figured out reading yet are really struggling to do so — he’s totally synthesizing and using context to make sense of things without even being told.  It is so neat to watch.  He just does things that I have to teach older kids.  He just does them.  And I’m sure this is what 85% of kids actually do, but I never get to see it in action.

So of course I have a few funny stories.

My favorite was when we were in a drug store and he picked up a cute little box of tampons and said, “Mommy, can you buy me some ahb?”

“No, sweetie, I really don’t think you need that o.b.”

“But I love my little ahb. [Rubs box against face.]”


Actually, that’s the only cute story I can think of at this very moment.  But it is pretty darn cute.



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4 responses to “That Says, “Happy Holidays”

  1. CD

    okay, that one really made me chuckle!!!

  2. ellie

    that boy is a genius! one who deserves his very own box of ahb!

  3. gypsygrrl

    this is a story to tell when he has his first serious girlfriend or boyfriend 😉

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