I wasn’t officially doing it.  I’m not convinced I did it well.  But perhaps next year I will really do NaBlopoMo.  I can’t even remember how to spell it.

But I was walking around today thinking, “What will I post about?”  Which I don’t usually do.  So maybe I gave myself a good habit.  And maybe I should ask you folks which coat to buy.  I still don’t have a new one.  I have an old long down one that is cozy, but makes me look like a pregnant paper-towel tube/ Michelan Man.  So maybe a mid-length down number.  I want it to be a little more flattering than my current coat.  I like fancy ones on Bluefly, but the fancier they are, the more chance they might have real fur, which I won’t do.  Though I can’t figure out why feathers are ok, but fur is not.  I guess other parts of the birds are used. Some folks would not do either. I digress.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I’m terrible at making decisions.

Here are two of my faves:

(which is no longer available in my size)


In black, gray, or white.

Anyone know of any other cool coats in my style arena?  And around 150 bucks or less?  It can’t have pockets that make me look pregnant if my wallet and cell phone are in them.  The looking-pregnant thrill is gone.  For those of you who are still trying to get knocked up, my wish for you is that one day you, too, will be avoiding clothes that make you look pregnant because you’ve been there, done that.



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7 responses to “NaBlopoMoCoat?

  1. I love the Tahari coat, but I think the pockets on the Lands End coat are going to be bad news when you put things in them. As in possible looking bigger than you are bad.
    Have you tried Filene’s Basement in Union Square? TONS of down coats and they did carry Tahari.
    I know it’s not as easy as online shopping…but it could get you a real coat instead of a virtual one.

  2. I just asked my mom to order me this one for Christmas:

    There are some pretty ones from Patagonia, too (REI website), but I couldn’t justify the price difference this year. YMMV.

  3. nutella

    I think the hood on the Tahari one would drive me crazy, but then again, I’m much more a hat and scarf person. Agree with puffer about the pockets on the lands end coat.

    I do like lands end coats and have owned a few over the years. They well made and very functional. Same goes for LL bean, which also has some nice stuff. What about this one?

  4. BB, I was totally just about to buy that coat after you suggested it. I had looked at it before, but I wanted a hood. But the price was right and I was ready to make up my mind… and they were out of my size. Aaaarrghh! Thanks, though for all of these suggestions.

  5. oh dear! they were technically out of my size, too, but only in the sense that i should have a petite and they only had regular. seems like they’re having a fire sale out there.

  6. Coat update…The Lands End one arrived for my birthday, and you’re not missing anything. That coat was rated to negative-something (10? 15?), but my arms were COLD in it yesterday. It looked fine, but there’s scarcely any down in it at all. Sending it back.

    Now not sure what to do, since the other things I like are all about $300, and I’m not sure I can talk Mama into that (nor swing it myself)….

    Related: why does everything have ugly-ass fake fur on it this year?

  7. Last coat update, probably. Check out Century 21. Got a nice one there for $90 today. Crowds not really as bad as you might expect this time of year.

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