Trucker Update

Dear Truck,

I haven’t really written in a while.  I’ve been busy.  I do have to let you know about this month.  You are sixteen, going on seventeen months old.  You have just started to say some words.  Before this week, pretty much your whole vocabulary was: mama, mooah (more), ice, and ahh ahh (with a growly kind of voice, your word for the sound every animal makes, even butterflies and cows.)  In the past week, you’ve added the following words to your vocabulary: choo choo, grandma, shoe, and the all-important noooooo!

Precisely one day after I read ohchicken’s post about Jude’s no…nos? and I commented that you just shake your head emphatically, you started saying the word.  We play a fun game in which we keep asking you questions and you keep answering, nnnnnooooooo!  It is a little sing-songy and is usually accompanied by a head shake and a sincerely apologetic look.  Sorry lady, but I do not not love you.  Too bad for you, I am not interested in your million dollars.  No, your brother is not cooler than you. You are almost like a Magic 8 Ball (you’ll have to google that, my son, or whatever you kids do in the future to learn about the olden days).  Usually you say, nnnnnoooooo! But sometimes you just look at us.  And every once in a while you say something that kind of sounds like, yyyeeeaah.

You’ve also restarted an old tradition of the family dance party.  The other day, Mama came home and you looked at her, yelled, “Mama!” and ran pointing to the stereo, stomping your feet.  You are a fabulous dancer.  You keep adding moves.  Your main move is an arm-lead turn, sometimes accompanied by a head tilt.  Though your favorite new move is to squat down and slap your knees.  I love it when you make us dance.  Tonight during the dance hour, you decided you just wanted to throw a nerf football.  So I was doing ballet moves with Cakie and throwing the ball to you.  (Yes, I have pretty much stopped caring about those pesky downstairs neighbors.  If they are going to give us lung cancer, they can do it with a loud discouraging racket going on above their heads.)  Anyway, you made me feel like supermommy.

Grandma was here this weekend with her special friend, Grandpa N.  He showed you how to do an assisted handstand and an assisted forward roll.  So now, if anyone is looking, you will plant your head down in a nice downward-facing dog, in hopes that someone will lift up your legs and help you see the world from a different angle.

That’s all I have for now.  I’m sure I’ll think of more to say to you as soon as I hit that [publish] button over there.  But that’s ok.  I apparently have to post tomorrow, too.

Love you, Toots



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  1. Nethermeade

    I haven’t witnessed the dancing or the teething at all. I miss you guys. What’re your Christmas plans? Wanna build in some quality hangin’ hopefully involving those boys’ pajamas.

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