The Milky Way

I have not nursed the boy in over a week.

But I still feel the milk.  It still comes in.

Anybody know when this will stop?



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4 responses to “The Milky Way

  1. nutella

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. It’s been about a week for me as well and my boobs are a little lumpy and full, but not painful or hot.

  2. don’t know for sure, but my friend who stopped months ago still has a bit.

  3. reproducinggenius

    I don’t know either, but my sister who stopped breastfeeding seven months ago is still lactating.

  4. S.

    Um, I don’t think you want to know this answer, but it can take a year or more to completely stop feeling let-downs, especially during sex (or, for me, also when I read about breastfeeding). But it should go down to a negligible amount within a few weeks.

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