Pecan Bars

I’m making them right now.  I always buy them in bakeries in my fair city.  This is the first time I’m making them.  My house smells really good.

In other news, Trucker appears to be getting three teeth at once.  He’s been ingesting a lot of pain killers.  I was sure he wouldn’t sleep last night.  He woke up three times before I went to bed.  Then, not only did he sleep all night, he stayed asleep until 7:15ish!  A miracle.  I might add that it is incomparably easier to get ready in the morning with only one child awake.

I just realized that I forgot to get oatmeal when I went to the coop today. Dangit.

I’m sure you are wildly entertained by this laundry list of a post.  I wish I could put the pecan bar smell into the post.  Then you’d totally dig it.


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