I Am Lame

I’m pretty sure there is a hole in my head that goes from one ear to the other.  Between the hole openings, there is a little conversion box that changes things I hear to… whatever my brain decides was said, even if it was not said at all.  I’m only 38.  Could dementia truly be setting in already?

I thought my mom was staying in a hotel with her boyfriend.  But they are staying here.

I think I sent my mom the flight information for our winter-break trip to A’s mom’s house.  But I probably didn’t.

It is no wonder the people in my life get annoyed with me.

I wish there were a way to change this about myself.  It sucks.

But I have other good qualities.  I can, you know, teach kids to read and stuff.



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2 responses to “I Am Lame

  1. zach

    I’m sorry you had a tough day/time period, but the headline of your post really got to me because i’ve been trying to deal with language use in my classroom (I’m a law student). I found this blog post when searching for stuff to show my classmates and thought you might be interested in reading it.

    By the way, teaching kids to read is pretty darn awesome.

  2. Zach — I’m going to respond to your comment in a new post, since I have to write a new post anyway.

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