That’s what Cakie used to say at the end of a book: Eeee-N!

I believe I’ve come to E-N of my breastfeeding days.  I realized the other day while he was biting me once again, hard, that I no longer feel like the breastfeeding is the snuggy bonding love fest that it used to be.  When I feel a little fear and a little anxiety mixed with an involuntary roll of the eyes when he requests a nursing session, I think it is time to move on.

I don’t feel so wishy-washy about it anymore.  I just need to be a little firm and get over the hump.  Since I got it down to about one feed per day, I feel like I just need to avoid that feed.  The weekend will be hard, though.  When he’s around me all day, he’s more likely to want a little sip.    Also, I will have a hard time if he gets hurt, then comes to me and does the chest thump.  I do like to calm him by nursing.  But he doesn’t do that so much anymore.

For the past two days, when he has “requested” to nurse, I have asked him if he wants milk, made the sign for milk, and gone to get him a bottle.

We shall see how it goes.  I am not famous for my willpower.

Any tips, oh wise ones?



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