Toddler Discipline

So, err.  What does one do when one’s adorable and ever-smiling one-year-old starts to whomp one hard in the head and bite while being held, laughing all the while?  And what to do when one’s toddler starts laughing hysterically when one says, “No.”  And what to do when saying “No biting (or hitting) that hurts,” and putting him down and walking away seems to have little effect on said smiling toddler?


I’m asking for a friend.  I swear.



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7 responses to “Toddler Discipline

  1. Lo

    Ha. Tell us if you find out.

  2. This sounds very much like a one year old I know well – I’m also very interested if you find any answers!

  3. Am I that friend? :). Hello toddlers.

  4. the only thing that works for us is ignore ignore ignore. set the chomper down and pretend it never happened.

    this avoidance technique may not work so well later in life, but for now, everything else just encourages the game.

  5. ellie

    tell him “no,” then quickly move on to a different activity if possible. distraction is your only discipline ally with a kid this young (imho)…..

  6. CD

    distraction. although our babysitter has actually put him up in the high chair as a “time out” for doing bratty things such as dumping out the bowl of water for her dog. and it worked!

  7. clearly all those tame responses are from parents of toddlers.
    my kids are grown – and hey, they turned out ok.

    so my advice. bite ’em back.
    then ..they realize it hurts 🙂

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