Is November Over Yet?

It is making me feel a little boring.

Uuuuh.  It is Friday the thirteenth and nothing bad lucky has happened yet.

Ummmm.  I still get tingly when I hear the words “President” and “Obama” together.

Eerrrr.  My dad is in town.  We aren’t allowed to talk about politics together.  I have a feeling he’d get along with Puffer’s mom.  The good news is we both appreciate unhealthy pastries and walking the streets of New York.  I’m glad he’s staying with my brother so we don’t have to have Fox News on at any given time.  It is nice to see him.  He’s like a bald, male, republican version of me.

Duuuuh.  My mom might give me her car.  It is two years younger than our car, but it has 20,000 more miles than ours (since we only drive ours once a week or so.)  But it is much nicer and has more room in the back seat.  We’d have to do something about her stereo, however.

Mmmm.  Ooo!  I staged a coup at work and won!  I stormed the assistant principal’s office (really, walked in quietly and said “excuse me”) with four other third grade teachers and demanded (more like groveled for) cursive handwriting books.  They were thinking of making us teach it just in their notebooks.  But the workbooks are only six bucks each. Less than a freaking field trip.  And we really don’t use workbooks for anything else.  Guess what?  She bought them.  Viva la revolucion!

So that’s my boring-arse post for the day.  I hope you’re out having fun, not stuck inside reading my boring-arse post.




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2 responses to “Is November Over Yet?

  1. j

    When I thought third grade, we tore the notebooks apart and laminated them. Then the kids could write in them with vis-a-vis markers and erase. It was great for independent work, and if you want to collect some samples for portfolios, or whatnot, you can copy a few pages and collect them. =)

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