Aaaaw, Freak Out.

I’ve been teaching for ten years and for ten years I do the exact same thing in November.  I freak out that I am not prepared for parent-teacher conferences.  I feel like my room is a mess and the student work is disorganized.

Then I have parent-teacher conferences.

And I start to love my school all over again.  I finish and I say, “That wasn’t bad at all.”

Right now I’m in the freak out mode and all of the foresight in the world won’t make it go away.

Blogging everyday is a little silly.  Especially when one has nothing of real value to say.

Except I did just see a young woman in hijab in the drugstore lingering for a long time in the same aisle as the diapers.  In Walgreens here they put the diapers and the “feminine products” in the same aisle.  I hate when stores do that.  Anyway.  I saw her a few minutes later get in line with a pregnancy test.  She seemed really nervous.  I wanted to lean back and recite my blog to her.  In case she was wondering.  Then she got off the line.  Perhaps she sensed that someone was considering filling her ear with a whole lot of blog.  I wonder if she bought the test?  I wonder if she’s ok.

See?  I have nothing real to say.  Not right now.  I guess that’s what you get for checking blogs on a Monday in November.

Much love, ohm


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