I’ll Take the Orange One

The thing about being a mom is that you also have to be a grown-up.  Often.

The other day we were having dinner at a friend’s house.  My friend J declared Cakie the king of “Oh, Shucks.”  I hadn’t really noticed it so clearly before, but when you tell Cakie “No,”  he often says something like, “Oh, ok,” rather than pitching a fit or a melt-down.  This is a valuable skill for one’s toddler to have.

Take this evening, for instance.  We went to Macy’s to get a winter coat for Cake.  (I’m still puffed up with the fact that we have managed to remember to do this before snow has hit the ground.  How very adult of us.)  I had scoped out the possibilities on-line beforehand.  I identified the two coats that were definitely down-filled.  So when we got there, we played up the warmest, cheapest (and cutest, in my book) coat they had.  He liked it.  But he didn’t want one with “badges” on it.  (It had a patch on the arm.)  Then he did want one with “lots of badges.”  He very adorably checked the inside of each coat he tried on, to ensure that it had “secret pockets.”  We had settled on choosing either the green or the orange version of the coat we wanted.  Then, something in the back of the room caught his eye.  It was a super-cool blue coat with stripes down the sleeves and a “badge”  that actually had a lightning bolt on it, much like his Halloween costume.  He was psyched. He put it on and walked about the store. But it wasn’t warm.  It was water “resistant”  and wind “resistant.”  It just wasn’t warm enough to handle how I’m imagining this winter is going to go down.

We compared the prices.  The down was only ten bucks more, and my honey had a ten dollar-off coupon, anyway.  We had to be adults.  We told him he had to choose the orange or the green one.  The blue was not going to be warm enough.  If I were the child being told this information, my knees would have buckled.  I would be on the floor, moaning, “Whhhhhyyyy Whhhyyyy?  I don’t waaant to be warm anywaaay!” What did my sweet boy say?  “I’ll take the orange one.”  God I love that kid.  Really.  I wanted to buy him an ice cream sundae on the spot.

But I feel ambivalent about being a grown-up.  It is so dang responsible.


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