Supersonic Commode

I finally had my appointment with the urogynecologist yesterday.

I had to answer a lot of questions about pee.  I guess anyone with “uro” in their job title must talk about pee a great deal.  I had to cough had over a pad on the floor while unclothed.  I had to pee “in the commode in the corner” to make a urine sample to make sure I didn’t have an infection.  Little did I know the secret powers on the innocent-looking commode.  I peed in the cup.  Then something started printing out in the corner of the room.  It was my stats!  The commode measured how long I peed, how fast I peed and how much I peed.  I felt like a professional peer.    I could be on a team for the NPL — not to be confused with the NFL or the NHL.  It all felt a little silly.


Basically, it boils down to this:  I’m sagging on the inside.  She said from giving birth and “regular wear and tear” (giggle).  So I can do one or several of three things:  1.  Go to a physical therapist and really learn how to do some massive pelvic floor workouts.  I called it “Pelvic Floor Boot Camp.”  2.  I could have a pessary (?)  a little support that I put in there to hold things together.  3.  I could have surgery.  Part of me would just like to have the surgery and get it all over with.  The problem is, the recovery time is three weeks.  I can’t take three weeks off from work. And I don’t really want to miss three weeks of summer.  So I decided to go to boot camp.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll consider the surgery at the end of the school year.

Man, that toilet was cool.



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7 responses to “Supersonic Commode

  1. So glad you went and got to pee in cool places. Hope the boot camp works magic and you feel all lifted in there. xo

  2. lyn

    Boot camp is a really good choice. I know someone went to boot camp *after* surgery for something similar, and really wished they’d started with just boot camp instead.

  3. CD

    Did the doc like, watch you pee? Because that would be ever weirder than a stats-spitting toilet!

  4. ellie

    i’ll get on knitting that tiny sweatband…..

  5. Kim

    So glad to hear you got it all checked out and got yourself some answers. And wow, what a cool potty!

  6. I got to pee alone, thank goodness. But the coughing business was witnessed by a nurse.

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