Ok.  So I know some folks promise to blog every day in November.

I don’t know if I’m up for that.  But I can try.  I just won’t promise anything or put any kind of button on my blog.

Does a one-word post count?

I can say this right now.  I’m having some issues with my little Trucker.  He is a Mommy’s boy.  He gets mad.  Screaming, crying, banging on the door mad if I should dare to leave the room.  Sometimes a mommy has to pee.  And if you want a drink, I have to go in the kitchen to get it.  I wish my honey could distract him when I have to leave, so I don’t take all of my bathroom breaks with screaming as my background music.  But if he knows I’m gone, he’ll scream.  If she distracts him or not.

I guess one could call it child-lead attachment parenting.

I love the hugs and I love that he needs me.  I know I’ll look back on this fondly when he’s a teenager and I embarrass him.  I’ll be kicking myself for complaining at all.  I just wish I could have a quiet moment in the loo.

That’s my big news for the day, folks. We’ll see if I actually post tomorrow.



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2 responses to “NaBoPloMoHomo?

  1. Cheeksmom

    Cheeks too–huggy/snuggly/clingy mess. (Look at me, lurking no more!)

  2. reproducinggenius

    “I guess one could call it child-lead attachment parenting.”

    This nearly made me spit coffee on my nursing baby. I hope you’re able to find some peaceful potty time soon!

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