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Whew.  November was long.

This little self challenge of posting every day has only served to reaffirm what I pretty much already know:  I should write when I have something to say.

Not that it was all bad.  It was good to make myself write.  I knocked out a good post or two (out of thirty, or twenty-six).  I learned to be choosy about my words. Mmmm.  But I’m glad it is over.

The next time I write, I hope, it will be because there is something I really want to share with you.





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Fightin’ Words


Apparently the neighbors don’t like the dance parties.  Because Smoky came upstairs and got all cursy and threateny on us.  I don’t want to fight, but I also think my children should be able to play at 3 pm on a Sunday. They are being a tad unreasonable. The dancing isn’t really the problem.  The problem is two-fold.  1) Our neighbors are very sensitive. 2) Cakie loves to throw his body on the floor.  I can’t really change either thing.

So I drafted a letter to the management company, just to let them know about the threat.  And I guess we won’t toss the football.  At least not when Cakie can see it, because that does encourage body slamming.  Though the ball itself is nerf.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?  They just don’t understand how hard it is to keep our kids quiet.  I’m a lover, not a fighter.

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Trucker Update

Dear Truck,

I haven’t really written in a while.  I’ve been busy.  I do have to let you know about this month.  You are sixteen, going on seventeen months old.  You have just started to say some words.  Before this week, pretty much your whole vocabulary was: mama, mooah (more), ice, and ahh ahh (with a growly kind of voice, your word for the sound every animal makes, even butterflies and cows.)  In the past week, you’ve added the following words to your vocabulary: choo choo, grandma, shoe, and the all-important noooooo!

Precisely one day after I read ohchicken’s post about Jude’s no…nos? and I commented that you just shake your head emphatically, you started saying the word.  We play a fun game in which we keep asking you questions and you keep answering, nnnnnooooooo!  It is a little sing-songy and is usually accompanied by a head shake and a sincerely apologetic look.  Sorry lady, but I do not not love you.  Too bad for you, I am not interested in your million dollars.  No, your brother is not cooler than you. You are almost like a Magic 8 Ball (you’ll have to google that, my son, or whatever you kids do in the future to learn about the olden days).  Usually you say, nnnnnoooooo! But sometimes you just look at us.  And every once in a while you say something that kind of sounds like, yyyeeeaah.

You’ve also restarted an old tradition of the family dance party.  The other day, Mama came home and you looked at her, yelled, “Mama!” and ran pointing to the stereo, stomping your feet.  You are a fabulous dancer.  You keep adding moves.  Your main move is an arm-lead turn, sometimes accompanied by a head tilt.  Though your favorite new move is to squat down and slap your knees.  I love it when you make us dance.  Tonight during the dance hour, you decided you just wanted to throw a nerf football.  So I was doing ballet moves with Cakie and throwing the ball to you.  (Yes, I have pretty much stopped caring about those pesky downstairs neighbors.  If they are going to give us lung cancer, they can do it with a loud discouraging racket going on above their heads.)  Anyway, you made me feel like supermommy.

Grandma was here this weekend with her special friend, Grandpa N.  He showed you how to do an assisted handstand and an assisted forward roll.  So now, if anyone is looking, you will plant your head down in a nice downward-facing dog, in hopes that someone will lift up your legs and help you see the world from a different angle.

That’s all I have for now.  I’m sure I’ll think of more to say to you as soon as I hit that [publish] button over there.  But that’s ok.  I apparently have to post tomorrow, too.

Love you, Toots


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I didn’t get to say all the quirky things for which I am thankful because by the time it was my turn at the table, well, I was last and everybody was looking at me with a get-it-over-with-quickly kind of glare.  So now I’ll get to take my sweet time.

In addition to my family and my health for which I am always thankful, I am thankful for:

  • The fact that not only do I have a great partner, but that she can cook.  I mean, she can COOK.  And she has more common sense than I lack.  And she is a perfect match for me in playing games.  We never know who is going to win.
  • My garage spot
  • Good n’ Plenty  (and the fact that few other people seem to like them, so I usually get them all to myself)
  • Trucker has my eyes
  • I get to see my children in pajamas every day
  • The folks who go overseas to defend our country or to clean up the messes we make and also their parents.  I don’t know how they do it.
  • The people who invented padded bras without underwires
  • My walk to work
  • My crafty and artsy friends, as well as my lawyer-y friends who help keep a healthy balance (and are also a bit crafty and artsy in their free minutes)
  • My principals, my colleagues, and my fits-like-the-perfect-pair-of-shoes third grade class
  • My beat-up old car
  • My daycare.  Yes, I complain about them a lot.  But they love my kids.  And they are wonderful people.  We are lucky to have them so close.
  • Bananas–the perfect child food
  • Amy’s organic frozen foods
  • That my mom and my honey’s mom are so present in my sons’ lives
  • Mary Janes
  • Facebook.  There.  I said it.
  • My midwives.  I wish they moonlighted as family doctors.
  • Yous guys.  For giving me a little extra attention, even when I have nothing real to say.
  • Last, I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is over.  If you plan to host Thanksgiving, try to work it out to happen NOT when your toddler is teething.  Just take my word on that.  Enough said.

I hope you all had a happy day with you and yours.



PS Edited to add — I forgot cakewrecks.  For giving me at least a little laugh every single day.

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The Milky Way

I have not nursed the boy in over a week.

But I still feel the milk.  It still comes in.

Anybody know when this will stop?


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Pecan Bars

I’m making them right now.  I always buy them in bakeries in my fair city.  This is the first time I’m making them.  My house smells really good.

In other news, Trucker appears to be getting three teeth at once.  He’s been ingesting a lot of pain killers.  I was sure he wouldn’t sleep last night.  He woke up three times before I went to bed.  Then, not only did he sleep all night, he stayed asleep until 7:15ish!  A miracle.  I might add that it is incomparably easier to get ready in the morning with only one child awake.

I just realized that I forgot to get oatmeal when I went to the coop today. Dangit.

I’m sure you are wildly entertained by this laundry list of a post.  I wish I could put the pecan bar smell into the post.  Then you’d totally dig it.

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Searching for a Replacement for “Lame.” Anyone?

Here’s the comment to which I’m responding:

I’m sorry you had a tough day/time period, but the headline of your post really got to me because i’ve been trying to deal with language use in my classroom (I’m a law student). I found this blog post when searching for stuff to show my classmates and thought you might be interested in reading it.

By the way, teaching kids to read is pretty darn awesome.

Zach — How do you know that I am not, in fact, lame?  Welp, I’m not unable to move my legs, so you’ve got me there.  I have felt the same way about using the word “crazy”  before.  The only problem is that there lacks a equally descriptive word in either case. Or, I should say, I lack an equally descriptive word.  So, dear law student, I’d be happy to remove the word “lame” from my lexicon if you can supply me with an equally descriptive word that doesn’t offend anyone.  Therein lies the rub.  More appropriate would be for me to say, “I feel as though I’m suffering from dementia.”  Yet, would that be putting those folks down?  I guess I could say I’m pathetic.  I guess that is a less-offensive term.  But forgetting the conversation in which my mom asked if it would be ok for her boyfriend to stay over the break, and then remembering it just as she re-told me they would be staying with us (and don’t worry, Mom, it isn’t a problem at all, I just had told Ang you’d be staying at the hotel again because that hole in my brain told me so) probably doesn’t actually evoke pity in any of my readers.

As a person who loves words, of course, I’ve had to zip over to my online dictionary a few times in writing this.  I am actually feeling annoyed that the first and second definitions of “lame” do indicate folks with leg and foot difficulties.  Then the third one says, “weak; inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy.”  Ugh. That is offensive.  I am annoyed at a word.  This is all very weak, inadequate and unsatisfactory.

I’m sure some of my readers will think you are over-sensitive and too PC.  Other of my readers, like me, have probably been hurt by other peoples’ flip use of language.  So thanks, I appreciate you pointing that out to me and to your students.   I’m not sure I’ll be able to completely rid my mouth of the word.  But when I do say it, I will feel guilty and kick myself for not saying weak, inadequate or unsatisfactory.

I’m also open to other suggestions for replacements for both lame and crazy.  I say “crazy” way too often.  Anyone?  Give me good ones that won’t sound stilted or academic.  No offense to law student Zach. 😉


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