Happy Anniversary (Halloween)

Of what is Halloween an anniversary, you ask?  Here’s a hint:

HEM.FrontDesk+-+halloween+cookie[The hint was borrowed from Cakewrecks — the funniest blog ever.  Go read it so they don’t get mad that I borrowed their image.  It is just so dang appropriate.]

Have you guessed?

Two years ago.  Two years ago, and I will probably never ever forget it and will always throw back half a bag of candy corn in celebration of it, I saw the second line on my pee stick.   I was released from my TTC duties by the insemination I did on October 19.  Do I remember the date when Cakie got his first tooth?  Nope.  When Trucker took his first step?  Unh-uh.  But October 19 and October 31 will still be in my dementia-riddled brain when I’m 104.  It was the day Trucker set me free.

I dressed up like a pirate and dressed Cakie like a pirate and walked him around the block begging for candy, door to door.  All the while, I was haunted by that ghostly pink line I’d seen at four am that morning.  Later, I took Cakie-the-pirate to my building Halloween party.  And I took Trucker, too.  It was his first “Lobby Party” as Cake calls it, even though he was just a doubling cluster of cells at the time.

As an anniversary present to you, my invisible friends who helped me survive the insanity that lead up to that 4 am BFP, I present a photo from Trucker’s “third” Halloween.  My superhero, Speedyboy.

IMG_3098[Ok, I put a different picture in that was already horizontal.  I think I originally didn’t choose it because Blue’s Clues is in the background.  But who am I kidding?  My children watch TV. No need to pretend that they don’t. ]

PS  I dedicate this post to eggdrop’s ten follies.  I’m sending a zillion virtual sperm Halloween cookies out to those about-to-drop eggs.



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6 responses to “Happy Anniversary (Halloween)

  1. Kim

    Congrats on your anniversary. That is one damn cute baby! And I don’t know about the picture, all I know is that they have to be in the right direction on my iphoto before I upload them to my blog. I have no idea how to do anything with them once they get there. But he still looks cute on his side! Happy Halloween!

  2. So cute! Happy Anniversary and yeah, Cakewrecks rocks.

    The photo–same, I have to make sure they are all rotated in iPhoto before I post.

    Happy Halloween, wish it would stop raining now…

  3. would it help if you e-mailed me the photo & I rotated it and then e-mailed it back to you to upload?

    Happy WOO HOOOO day!!!

  4. On iphoto they all appear to be rotated, then when I upload them here they — I guess they lie down and take a rest.

  5. reproducinggenius

    Happy anniversary! It really is a momentous occasion the days our children are created. He really is an adorable little superhero.

  6. jay

    SO CUTE! And happy anniversary!

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