The Adventures of Quickman and Speedyboy

I don’t know if we should wait until the day before an event, such as Halloween or a birthday party to get Cakie’s opinion on things.

For a good long time, Cakie wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween.  My honey was psyched to create a jet pack.  She even acquired a realistic safety-orange astronaut costume from kris.  Then, about three weeks ago, he changed his mind.  He wanted to be Bumblebee (a Transformer, for those of you unfamiliar with the current child toy trends.) That was quickly and skillfully avoided.  Then he decided he wanted to be “Quickman.”  Who is Quickman?  He’s a superhero. Made up by Cake. Can you guess his superpower?

Of course I, the purchaser of the matching toggle coats, immediately made up Quickman’s sidekick, Speedyboy.  It sounds cute.  And it is.  But not as cute as the original Trucker costume that was Cake’s idea back in the olden days when he was going to be an astronaut.  Cake said, “Trucker can be a rocket!”  How cute would that have been?  Achingly cute.

According to Cake, Quickman wears red pants and a red shirt with “a storm” on the front.  A silver one. And some silver stuff on the pants. No hat.  No cape. But he must have muscles.  Muscles are a requirement.

We got an old Hulk costume with muscles on it from a friend.  Then, on the same day, my honey and I separately went to neighborhood discount stores and bought three red shirts, two pairs of red pants, one pair of grey pants and a silver drape.  The plan is to sew the red shirt on to the muscles for definition.  Speedyboy will get a silver cape, a silver belt, a onsie and some PJ pants.  And some kind of emblem on the shirt.

Two days ago, Cake decided he really wanted to be Spiderman.  Really?

If he had decided before the discount store, I’d be at Party City right now buying an over-priced muscular Spiderman costume.  But I’m sorry, love.  It will be Quickman or no man.

The thing is, I want to indulge him sometimes.  Especially when it comes to my favorite holiday.  A person has got to be happy on Halloween.  There’s just no other choice.  But if I did, I know Friday night as I kissed him goodnight, he’d swing back to Bumblebee.  Or Wolverine.  Cake.  That’s my boy.

Anyway, I need to go sew a storm.  Just thought I’d fill you in on the latest adventures of the supermoms.




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2 responses to “The Adventures of Quickman and Speedyboy

  1. jay

    CUTE!!!! wanna see photos! please?

  2. reproducinggenius

    I too must request photos. Especially of the “storm.” How cute is that?

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