The Post I Never Wrote

Several weeks after I gave birth to my Truckster baby, I convinced myself that I had a prolapsed uterus. Something was coming out.  My midwife was so great. She squeezed me in between appointments to check me out.  In New York, this is a minor miracle.

I’d like to just say here, do NOT google “prolapsed uterus.”  That google image is lodged in my mind.  Just don’t.

Anyway, she said it was normal wear and tear, especially for a baby that size who came out so very fast.

I was embarrassed and felt like I overreacted.  I didn’t even blog about it.  And back then I blogged about everything every few minutes.

Here’s the part where I thank you guys.  I had just been sucking it up.  But I’m so glad I wrote that post-post-post etc. partum post, because I did have it checked out.  I don’t have a prolapsed uterus, but it is not normal wear and tear.  I don’t know what is going on exactly yet, or how they will attempt to fix it, but I do have an appointment with a uro-gynecologist.  My family doctor (it was her at the orchard) checked me out an referred me.

So thanks.  I just would have lived with it.  And that would have sucked.  But it also makes me feel for women everywhere who don’t have health care available like we do here; for women who don’t have a support group — internet or otherwise;  for women who are too embarrassed to ever talk about things like this to anyone.  I mean, as far as difficult conditions for women are concerned, this ranks pretty low.  But still.  I’m glad I don’t have to live with it.  I feel lucky.



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2 responses to “The Post I Never Wrote

  1. Kim

    I’m so happy you got it checked out. I didn’t want to leave the comment that I did when you wrote that last post cause I didn’t want to freak you out about something that happened to my (gasp!) mother. (I know I am not the only one who commented…) But in hindsight I am glad I said something and I am glad you got things checked out. Now you don’t have to “just deal with it.” Wishing you a speedy process through it all.

  2. Several friends who read my blog sent me personal emails, too. I guess it must be fairly common. I’m just glad everybody said something.

    Hmmm. And I thought I was finished blogging about my girly bits.

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