Morning Sickness

No, I’m not pregnant (though I am experiencing several annoying pregnancy symptoms.)

I’m just sick of the morning.  5:23 am, to be exact.

Sometimes it is 4ish.  Once it was 3.

Trucker is a big fan of the sunrise.  He hasn’t missed one in what feels like a year.  And he’s just creeping up on 15 months old.

Sooooo.  Wait.  Have I neglected to blog about my new downstairs neighbors, Startle and Smokey? OMG.  I have not.  Well, our much beloved and quite deaf previous downstairs neighbor unfortunately passed away many months ago.  We loved her.  LOVED her.  May she rest in peace.  I contacted several friends with small kids and had them calling the management company asking about the apartment.  Who did they rent it to?  Who?  Smokey and Startle: a 30-something childless couple who somehow manage to smoke heavily enough that our entire apartment smells — especially our bedroom, not to mention the entire hallway of the fifth floor.  A couple who decided to not use the master bedroom with an attached bath as their bedroom, but have rather chosen the room under the bedroom of my two loud sons.  And they like to sleep in on the weekends.  This couple is in constant fear for their health, despite the offensive smoking habit.  Their health, it seems hinges on not being startled.  By noise.  Like, oh, the sound of a hulking one-year-old throwing his sippy cup to the floor.  Or moving furniture.  Or pulling the shopping cart down upon himself.  We are loud.  I would not like to live downstairs from myself, it is true. But I’m ready to take up tap dancing, I’m so over these people.  We’ve been breaking our backs trying to keep the noise down to a dull roar.  If Startle comes up here again (she has come up three times,) I’ve decided to tell her that her coming up does not make it quieter, it only makes me feel bad.  And to tell her that if she comes up again for noise, I won’t try to keep them quiet any more.    Then maybe she’ll appreciate the fact that my kids pretty much never play in their own room any more, and most of my energy is spent trying to get Trucker to at least throw things onto the carpet, not the slim strip of bare floor (coop rule of 80% floor coverage, check) where he prefers to throw things.

[breathe, ohm, breathe]

So, anyway, out of sheer good-neighborliness and coop rules, I can’t even put Trucker down on the floor until 6.  He’s loud.  And if he gets near something to throw or climb or topple, he will do it.  He’s a Truck. So if he gets up at five, it is a lot of heavy lifting. Or, I’ve found that the only way to not carry him that early is to lay on the couch, lay him on my belly, and turn on NY1.  I’m not proud.  But if I don’t he’ll sliver off of me and start eating the plants or climbing onto the dining room table or some such Trucker stunt.

My point, and I do have one, is HEEEELLLP!  Do any of you wise women have any advice for getting the Truck to sleep longer?  We’ve pushed his bed time back about 30 minutes.  What else?  Anything?  Anything?

Thanks in advance,




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9 responses to “Morning Sickness

  1. vee

    No sleep-in tips, but maybe you could treat your neighbours to some earplugs and a course in sign language?

  2. My honey wants to give them earplugs and the real estate listings.

  3. jay

    huhhhh. i think you should get louder and louder and more annoying until they move. god!

  4. Eliminate all sugar and caffiene from his diet?Make sure he is getting lots of physical play at daycare,so he’s tired when you pick him up. Also how many naps and how long are his naps at daycare. Some of these adjustments might help.

  5. Co

    Goodness! If you are following the coop rules — with 80% of floor space covered — what more can you do? Do they want you to bind Trucker’s feet? Tie him down? It’d be one thing if you were letting him play with balls or something, but seriously, the pitter patter of toddler feet should be just one of those things the downstairs folks hafta deal with. I’ve had far worse neighbors than you are, for sure… So, those people gotta deal.

    And how can your coop demand Trucker not walk around before 6? That’s insane. No moving furniture before 8… A reasonable rule. Not letting people walk around before 6? Insanity. You live there. People sometimes need to keep odd hours due to work schedules, illness, etc. I don’t get that at all. I guess maybe you’re just trying to avoid loudness, but still… Crazee!!!

    (I had a neighbor once ask us NOT to walk our dog at 6 in the morning near his building cuz it woke him up. We lived in a duplex — he in the next bldg. I asked how my dog was waking him up — she wasn’t barking or being noisy outside at all. He said his dogs heard her and it woke them and then they barked and woke him up. I said I’d try to walk my dog in the other direction, but explained that since we lived in a duplex, if his dogs could hear my dog in front of the bldg, they might well hear her as she leaves the bldg, too, and maybe he should focus on training his own dogs not to bark. He didn’t like that answer. He wanted me to solve this for him. But seriously, it just didn’t seem like it was my responsibility to keep HIS dogs from barking.)

    And does the coop have rules about NOT smoking in one’s apt, cuz if so, maybe you should make a little counterthreat.

    I am sorry you’re dealing with this. It’s gotta be stressful. Actually, we got an anonymous note urging us to ‘DO SOMETHING’ about our dog howling when we’re not home a couple months ago. Since the daggone note was anonymous (and we’ve lived here 5+ years with NO COMPLAINTS about howling), we had no way to know if this was an isolated incident or a new issue or an ongoing thing. Also, since it was happening when we weren’t home, we had no way to know if any steps we took to try to alleviate the problem were helping. So, I left a note in the hallway to Anonymous saying we were trying some new routines to hopefully resolve the problem and asking for feedback about whether it was better or the same, either via note or by speaking to us directly. No follow-up. So I feel like no one can blame me. I think sometimes people like to complain and take their anger out on others more than they actually want you to fix a problem.

    Your neighbors sound crazy. Yuck!

  6. The thing is, if I put Trucker down, he starts banging on the floor with things. So it isn’t just his feet. He’s loud. So the only way I can ensure that he won’t hit the floor is to keep him off of it. We just need a house.

  7. Yikes – I didn’t know about the smoking! That is no good.

    About the early rising – I went through years of it and it may not feel like it, but it will pass and fade into distant memory soon enough. The only thing I found that helped (and I know it is counter-intuitive) was putting the boys down earlier. For some reason it made them sleep longer and harder.

    btw – There is something strangely soothing about NY1, isn’t there?

  8. Yes. Something about knowing exactly when the weather is going to come on, combined with Pat Kiernan’s baby face and the knowledge that if I miss something, I’ll see it again in a few minutes does soothe the soul somehow.

  9. mommytoo

    is he down to one nap yet? nate’s sleep got so much better when we switched to once a day, he was just more tired. since trucker is #2, i’m guessing you’ve already made the change.

    and let me just commiserate for a moment. we don’t even live in an apartment building — we live in a row home and own our place. we are totally the “bad” neighbors, so sick of it. i’m having trouble rememering all the reasons right now, but it involves drainpipes and things like that.

    if you are sticking the coop rules, you might have to explain to your downstairs neighbors that they are downstairs neighbors. it just goes with the territory, and anyone who has lived in a coop, apartment, condo, etc can tell you that.

    good luck!

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