Post-Post-Post-Post-Post Partum Post

Am I just a wimp or something?

Because I don’t feel all better yet.  14 months later, I still feel all discombobulated.  Granted, things don’t usually go out of line in my body.  Maybe I’m just not used to change.  But ever since that over-9-pound baby came out, I’ve been feeling oogy in my lower parts.

The new thing is, I have to pee all the time.  I may as well be pregnant. I had to pee right after I peed just now.  I’m no doctor, but my take on this is that things are no longer where they are supposed to be down there.  Perhaps the baby moved one of my organs.  Maybe he was clutching on to my spleen on his way out or something. And now that organ is bumping into or pressing down on my bladder from time to time.  Something is.  And it ain’t no baby.

The other thing is —  sorry,  if you know me you may want to stop reading now,  this is an over share — I still feel like my insides are falling out.  I know I don’t do enough pelvic floor exercises.  But does it have to feel like it is falling out?  It all makes me never ever want to give birth again.  Which is good, I guess, since it is not something that appears to be in the cards for me anyway.

Anywho, don’t believe those lying liars who say they felt better in a week.  I call that denial.  Or perhaps nerve damage.  Or perhaps they just aren’t as wimpy  or… in touch with their bodies, yeah… as I am.



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8 responses to “Post-Post-Post-Post-Post Partum Post

  1. I

    Long time lurker, first time commenter…

    Funny that you post this just now. Probably as you were writing, I was sitting on the toilet lamenting the pre-birth “bottom” I had 8 months ago.

  2. i’m sorry you are feeling so yucky… and that your parts are still reeling from the birth – ugh and grrr… i have the number of a highly recommended PT who specializes in pelvic *issues* call me (or email me) and i’ll give you her number… i am about to go see her myself for the constant tail bone pain i have had for the last month 😦 xxoo sending you love, mulberry

  3. Kim

    Not to give too much information…but…my mom had the same symptoms you are describing above and it turns out that many years after childbirth (not anywhere near the 14 months you are so this may be completely irrevelant…) her bladder was “falling.” Same exact symptoms. Felt like her insides were falling out and had to pee like all the time. For years and years and years. She finally went and got it checked and that was what had happened. She had surgery (sorry…) but now the problem is corrected and she is a normal human being again.

    Again, this happened to her many years after childbirth but she did also suffer the same symptoms for several years before she did anything. Hopefully that is not what is happening to you but you may want to get it checked out just in case so you could fix it sooner rather than later. Feel better. Sorry again for the comment but had to say something after reading your symptoms. Hopefully this isn’t you at all and things will go back to normal soon.

  4. You know what? If something could fix it, I’d be pretty dang psyched. Even if that something was surgery. So thanks.

  5. It does sound like something you should have checked out – though I do have a couple of mom friends who said they have to pee a lot more often than they did pre-baby and seem to think this is normal…

  6. Alli-K

    What you are describing sounds like more than the typical wear-and-tear described by most women who have given birth. I have a good friend who has experienced similar problems after giving birth with her first child (and the issues are even worse now that she is pregnant with #2), and her doctor told her that, as soon as she decides she doesn’t want to have any more kids, there is a straightforward surgery that is likely to solve her problem. Ask your primary care doc for a referral to a good uro-gynecologist.

  7. I’m still a mess, too.
    Mine is 16 months old.
    Headed to the ND in a couple weeks to get checked out.
    “How wrecked your body gets post childbirth” – must have missed that chapter in all the books I read pre-baby!
    When is someone going to write a book about what’s it’s really like??

  8. S.

    I’m going to break my usual lurking and chime in on the “get it checked out and find appropriate treatment” chorus. In my case it wasn’t urinary stuff, but my sacroiliac joint has never been the same. It did get a whole whole lot better after I started chiropractic treatments at 18 months post-partum.

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