My Writing Notebook

Some other teachers and I were sitting around eating humus and crackers and cutting little people shapes out of oaktag, when we started talking about how bogus we are.  See, we have the children keep writers’ notebooks.  But my colleagues and I were talking about how our school writing notebooks are all fake.  Some of my co-workers don’t really live writerly lives.  They don’t write for the sake of writing.  They don’t keep their notebooks with them at all times and jot down their thoughts when they get an idea for writing.  I’m a writer.  So I have kept notebooks.  But it is never the one I bring into school.  The things I really write about are not exactly what I’d like my third graders to stumble across should they take a gander at the inside of Ms. M’s notebook.  I’ve kept plenty of notebooks and still have them all, save the one I lost while traveling in college.

But I realized that the way I really write is here.  My blog is my notebook.  Not really really, because I don’t jot ideas here. Some of my posts are fairly well-thought out.  Others are not.  But this is where I write.

If I’m going to call myself a writer in any capacity, however, I should write on paper.  Call me old fashioned.  So when my third graders noticed that I didn’t take my notebook home (they are far more savvy than those second graders! Blast.) I decided I needed to get more honest.  I’m asking them to try to write at least one page in their notebook each night.  One good page.  Not like, “I went to the park.  It was very very very very very very very very very fun fun fun fun fun.”  If I expect them to do that, it should be the least I can do.  So I’m going to start writing in my notebook every night.  At least one good page.  No “very very verys.”



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3 responses to “My Writing Notebook

  1. reproducinggenius

    I always expect my college students to keep a writer’s notebook, and I rarely do myself. I too think of my blog as my notebook, but it feels like cheating. Hmm…perhaps I need to step up to the challenge too. It certainly wouldn’t hurt, and I do miss writing on real paper. You’ve inspired me!

  2. Writing on paper wouldn’t be such a challenge if it wasn’t for the writers my thoughts always flow faster than ink can follow.

  3. Alli-K

    Writing a page a night — just thinking about that makes me even more exhausted than I was just a moment ago. Kudos for making the effort.

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