Brain Mushy

Too many birthdays.

Not enough sleep.


My kitty passed away on Friday.  He had acute Leukemia.  Bugger all.  Then I hosted the best Superman party in the history of the land (or at least in the history of my apartment.)  And today, Trucker figured out how to climb stuff.  And not the stuff he was already climbing (shopping carts, step stools)  now he knows how to climb furniture.  So, we basically can’t even turn our backs for three seconds.  And he’s strong.  He can lift his entire body off the floor by holding the table top.  He’s like some jock.

I’m sad about Domingo.  Mostly, I’m just realizing how many times I think of him in a day.  Little things like, unconciously bracing myself to feel litter (that is no longer there) on the bathroom floor, to bigger things like telling my honey’s mom’s husband that the cat is no longer here when they arrived from South Carolina.  I realize how many people loved him.  A whole lot of people loved this cat who never left our house.  I’m coping ok. It is just weird to not have him here.

And I’m tired.  I slept three hours the night before Cake’s birthday party.  Mostly because we put the cat down in the afternoon, then we were too sad to function until it was too late.  We had to do all the party prep after bedtime.  Then that night we went out to celebrate my own birthday (which happened last month, but it was the only time I could get my close friends all in the same room.)  It was so yummy and wonderful to be with my friends and eat good food and drink good drinks.  I think I may have actually swooned.  And I was tired.

So that was rambling.

Just wanted to let you know what’s up over here.  And I wasn’t even organized enough to give you a bulleted list.




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5 responses to “Brain Mushy

  1. Kim

    So sorry to hear about your cat. My cat of 15 years passed away from a tumor on his spine when I was pregnant with my first son. Like you, I dealt okay but man, you don’t realize how integrated they are into our lives until they aren’t anymore. Sending you good thoughts. And congrats on the greatest party ever!

  2. vee

    Sorry to hear of your kitty’s passing. The worst thing about pets is their short lives, in comparison to ours. What joy they bring though.

  3. reproducinggenius

    I’m so, so sorry about your kitty.

  4. Amy

    Im sorry to hear about your kitty too.

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