My Honey

gypsygrrl asked

i know you do not blog about teaching ~ but i am being stubborn and asking anyway:

tell us the thing your honey did in your early dating* that made you know she was IT for you.

what is your favorite physical [rated-PG] thing about your honey?

*i know, lesbians dont date but i dont know how to phrase it otherwise – HAHA

I’ll just put this out there:  my honey prefers to not be mentioned much in this blog.

She’s a pretty private person.  She’s also a pretty person.

There was nothing in particular that made me realize she’s the one.

I remember having a long conversation about family.  About how it was important to both of us.  That made an impression.

She was my friend for a year before we got together.  So I knew her already before the honeymoon period.

And I liked her.  I went after her.  That was not my usual pattern.  I used to go out primarily with women who showed an interest in me first.  So I guess when I picked her, it meant something new and important.

I love every part of her, physically.  But I adore her face and her laugh.  She has a kick-ass laugh.

So gypsygrrl?  What was your question about teaching?



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3 responses to “My Honey

  1. gypsygrrl

    ohh man. i totally didnt ask you a think about teaching did i? <<>> blame it on nursing school mush brain.

    sadly, i think i forgot my Q ~ but thanks for answering my questions about your honey…in a non-descript, privacy-retaining way! very cool that the persuing dynamics were different for you…

    gypsy, who is going to try and remember her original question before the weekend is over.

  2. gypsygrrl

    damn. cant even do THAT right.
    that was me *blushing* inside those <<>>

  3. It was all because I Told You So!

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