The Best City Stroller

Kim asked about my hands-down best stroller purchase.  The answer is easy: Maclaren Techno XT.  Done.

Ok, I guess I should tell you why.  The Phil and Teds is handy for pushing two boys at once.  I also love the air-filled tires.  But the thing is huge, heavy and takes four hands to fold (not really, but it feels like it.)  I’m currently using it to commute the boys to daycare when they go because of the ease of  pushing both at once, but it is a pain in the rump to hold a door open while pushing this giant.  It looks like it has a large basket, but there is not any easy way to access the basket, so it may as well not be there.  The Volo is nice and light, but because of that, it tips over very easily.  Even though it always says  in the directions not to do this, moms hang things on strollers.  We just do.

If I were forced at sword point to give away all of my strollers but one by an evil anti-more-than-one-stroller villian, I’d keep the Techno XT.  It is light, it folds easily, it unfolds easily, it fits in small spaces.  It does not tip over very easily. In fact it has only tipped over once with the child actually in it.  That is because I put one-too-many bags on the back.  And by one-too-many I mean about 12.  The seat reclines for little tiny wee ones.  The sun shade is generous.  It comes with a rain cover. [Phil and Ted expect you to shell out sixty-odd bucks for a rain cover.  I say, let them get wet.  Or, get out the Mac again!]  The handles extend for tall folk like myself.  It accomodates a buggy board.  It rocks.  The only drawback is the small basket.  But for city folk, I reccommend the Mac.  And you don’t need the fancier Techno XT.   A Quest or a Triumph would do you just fine.  Also, the colors change with every season, so you can save some dough by purchasing last season’s colors at a discount. This site is very user-friendly and always seems to have a sale.  Also, if you want to spend more money on a fashion-forward Mac, you can fork over extra for a fancy Kate Spade or Juicy Coutre version.  Not for me, but whatever floats your boat.

If I were in the market today for a new stroller, I’d also take a gander at the City Jogger.  I never saw anything fold so quickly or easily before in all my days.  The Bugaboo looks very fancy and offers a smooth ride (it should, since it can cost as much as a used car.)  I will have you know, however, that most of my friends who did end up with Bugaboos often took their Macs with them when we met in the park or the Botanic Gardens.  That said, I too would probably use the Mac the majority of the time, myself.



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6 responses to “The Best City Stroller

  1. Alli-K

    I agree that the XT is an excellent all-purpose stroller for city life. If you want to check out an alternative, the Peg Perego Pliko P3 is a similar, excellent all-purpose stroller. As a sidenote: both of these strollers are also excellent suburban strollers. The Bugaboo Frog and Chameleon are great if you live in an elevator+doorman building, but you will regret purchasing either if you need to tote it around in the trunk of a car and then try to set it up in a parking lot. For airport and subway travel when you are buy yourself with the kid, I vote for the Volo — you never know when you will have to carry both the stroller and the kid up a flight of stairs without the aid of a friendly stranger.

  2. Kim

    Thank you so much for the advice. I am going to buy a decent single stroller for the new girl (boy already has a decent single one) and then a less expensive double one for when I need to handle them both on my own. Most of the time I am with my mom if I have both kids out in need of a stroller. And right now, while she is young, I ergo her and stroller him if I am alone so I can’t see spending over $500 on a fancy double one at this point. I remembered your stroller post a long time ago but I think that was before Trucker was born (or shortly thereafter) so I wondered if it had changed since you had both now. Thanks again, this really helped!

    • You know, with this age difference (about 3 years) I rarely ever need the double. Cakie often walks and sometimes, I carry that heavy Truck and let Cake ride. We had a buggy board for a while, which Cakie loved. I did not love it because it made the Mac difficult to manuver and fold, so when I broke I didn’t bother replacing it. I wonder, though, if they fixed those flaws in newer models. Anyway, my point being, you may not even need that double.

  3. I bought a Maclaren twin stroller when I recently had beloved new born twin boys. After looking for twin strollers I came across the Techno and Triumph twin strollers and they looked liable. I ended up buying the Techno. I was amazed at how easy a maclaren twin stroller is to walk around town with. I have seen parents using twin strollers before and they were enormous and wide, but thats not a problem with this one. I am extremely happy to have come across these strollers. I hear they are great for a toddler and baby, not simply for twins. So anyone planning on having babies close together might need to take a look, I recommend it.

  4. Jim

    My wife and I tested a Mac Techno XT and while it is a very good stroller, we ended up buying a Peg Perego Si. My wife is 5’1″ and at the lowest setting the handles were still too high to be comfortable for more than a few minutes. Also, anyone with wrist tendonitis will loath the folding mechanism of the Chameleon.

  5. This raised some points I had not thought before. Something to think about. Thanks all!

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