Mommyblogging: What’s In A Name?

On to this mommyblogging business…

I guess the reason I wrote the “Why Do I Blog?” post is that different folks have different reasons for blogging.  Different moms have different reasons for blogging as well.   Some want to vent.  Some are looking for community, when they are alone in the house with a sleeping babe.  Many are genuinely interested in writing.  Some seek fame. (At least in small circles.)  And others want to make money.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to make money.  I think all moms should magically be paid for their momming duties, whether they stay at home or mom after work.  Since we get paid in giggles and rolls on chunky legs, I see nothing wrong with trying to make some dough with the computer while the baby sleeps.

Some “mommyblogs” are really just advertising sites.  Again, nothing wrong with making some dough.  Would I want to add such a site to my blog roll so I could actually read it?  No.  Do I read spam?  No.  I think most adults can see through the fascade of a “review” of a product which also is advertising that product and giving it away in exchange for comments or being added to a feed.  Whatever.  Go for it, if it makes you happy.

Other blogs are actually interesting to read and they get so many hits that they could make money by adding some ads to the site.  Again, go for it.  Make dough.  Anyone who can write well enough for me to want to read it deserves to make some money, in my book.

The real problem, I feel, is in the name.  Who is calling me a mommy?  Because there are only two people who get to call me mommy:  Cake and Trucker.  Mommy is an endearment, not a title.  It almost seems sexist, in that the idea of a mommy is a little cute thing.  Not an adult who writes adult things and has adult thoughts.  Just a soft, happy lady who bakes cookies and has elastic in her jeans.  It makes the woman who sits down to write about her life seem not-so important.  We are important, damnit.  So we need a different term, is all.

I vote for motherblogger.

What do you think?



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5 responses to “Mommyblogging: What’s In A Name?

  1. i like to refer to myself as one bad muthablogga.

  2. cracking up over ohchicken!!
    I just want to be a blogger 1st and not in a box. While I write a lot about being a new mom now I imagine my life will get bigger some day

  3. Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of The Wire recently, but motherblogger sounds like something one of the detectives would say while examining a crime scene. Although it might come out more like, mutha-blogga.

    I love your blog, BTW, we’re moving to NYC next year and I like to read it and pretend that we already live there!

  4. Alli-K

    Disclaimer: Not being one who blogs about parenthood, child-rearing, or motherhood, I don’t have any skin in the game (as they like to say in the sports-reference-ridden offices in which I have spent the past 10 years). That said….

    It’s tough to control what other people call you. Personally, I find the term “mommyblogger” unappealing, and I agree that it has carries a whif of condescension. I don’t think you need to come up with a more palatable synonym, however. I would take the road of not endorsing the term, and leave it at that.

  5. vee

    Hmm, I wish I thought as deeply. Sadly, these days, not so much. You have a valid and interesting point. Jay thinks ‘mommyblogger’ sounds a little smug too – not something to aspire to. I have no suggestions for you (or myself) though.

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