Latch/Unlatch: What I Did With My Eldest While I Nursed the Baby

I don’t entirely remember nursing Trucker and watching Cake alone at the same time when he was really little.  Someone else was almost always around in the beginning.

I remember wishing I’d spoken to Cakie about how he could “help” when I nursed by stroking the baby’s feet or singing a song or something before the baby was born.  But I didn’t do that, so instead I had my sweet Cakie trying to jump all over me, a past time to which he had grown accustomed in his life as the only child, while I was trying and trying to properly latch the baby on. [For a visual, see my header.  Though it looks snuggy, it was taken right before he tried to jump on us. Sweet Cakieboy.]

Eventually, I left the room and nursed T in the privacy of the glider in my room.  Now adays, Cakie knows that when I’m feeding Trucker, I pretty much can’t do anything else.  He does try to get me to play with him while I’m nursing and I remind him that he’ll need to wait a while first.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have prepped him more both for the time I would be nursing and about the pump.  A few times a little later on, once Truck and I got better at the feeding routine, I would snuggle up with both boys and a book.

I’ll answer SN’s question about the pump and I have a whole post brewing about this “mommyblogger” business.  Both things will have to happen after the weekend I’m about to have at Sesame Place.


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One response to “Latch/Unlatch: What I Did With My Eldest While I Nursed the Baby

  1. lyn

    Thanks for the answer! Though I’d hoped that maybe you’d have some magic solution.

    We’ve had several interactions similar to your header, but also some success with touching feet or “reading a book to the baby,” though thus far, I haven’t been on my own so there is someone around if I can’t manage the interaction. Leigh does now at least understand that the baby might need “privacy” to eat. We’ll see once I’m driving two at once on my own (I know women theoretically do this all the time the I still feel mystified.)

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