Why Do I Blog? Ask Me Something Besides That, K?


I just finished reading Bri’s post about BlogHer.  BlogHer seems to be like some kind of grown-up summer camp with booze and goody bags.  It sounds fun, but also uncomfortable.  After all, as much as I enjoy meeting people, especially people whose writing I admire, meeting fellow bloggers also usually makes me a little uncomfortable.  It is like internet dating without the dating.  You know?  My honey is convinced that most bloggers are crazy.  (Yet she chooses to live with me… interesting.) She’s always surprised when she meets them and they turn out to not only be sane, but also pretty cool.  That’s why I find it hard to imagine being in a room packed with bloggers.  Though I guess riding on the F train is probably the same as being in a room packed with bloggers, since everyone and their mom has a blog.  The potential for cool/crazy/competitive would be a little overwhelming to me.

So why do I blog?  I like to write.  And I love the immediate attention of comments.  I like feeling a little published, without all the hassle of trying to get published.  When I was trying to get pregnant, I loved the community and the outlet for my neurosis.  I needed to vent pretty much every day.  On the blog I could do that.  I also like that my blog has helped and/or inspired some folks.  I dig that.

Why do I blog now?  And what does it mean to be a “mommyblogger?”  I’m not really in this to make money.  You won’t find me “reviewing” baby items and then giving them away on prizey, essentially bribing people to add me to their blogrolls for a chance to win a bar of soap.  I don’t have any ads.  I don’t even know if I have enough hits to make any money from ads.  Not that there’s anything wrong with having ads or giveaways.  I just don’t have that in my plan.  I don’t have a plan.  You know, I don’t really have an answer.  I don’t have polls or anything fancy on my blog because I don’t want to have to pay to blog.  I guess I am a mommyblogger, because that’s what I choose to blog about.  I can’t/won’t blog about teaching.  The interesting parts of my job are the kids, and I won’t write about them on the internets.  I don’t want to post any of my poetry, because that is something I would truly like to see published on paper, with my real name attached.  What is my goal here?  Now that the baby is walking and the bfp sticks are sitting forever in their spot in my medicine cabinet?

On that note of aimless wandering, I’m going to copy Bri and Calli. They both put it out there for folks to ask questions and they’d do their best to answer.  Ask away.  Not that I’m extremely interesting or anything.  I can never even think of questions to ask people at parties.  Your questions may give me some purpose in life (by that I mean purpose in blog.)


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6 responses to “Why Do I Blog? Ask Me Something Besides That, K?

  1. I really dislike the whole “mommyblogger” moniker. It doesn’t do blogging about ttc or parenting justice, in my opinion. The recent NPR piece about mommybloggers in it for the money, essentially corporately-sponsored writers pushing products, got me angry, since I don’t read any blogs like that and I would see through them in about 5 seconds to know I wouldn’t be interested in what this woman has to say. It gives the rest of us a bad name, those who have certainly thrived in this community and retained a piece of our sanity because of it.

  2. sn

    ooh…i have a question. since i’m getting ready to throw my pump out the window, but haven’t just yet, how did not pumping change breastfeeding for you?

  3. lyn

    Especially when Trucker was little, how did you nurse Trucker and take care of Cakie at the same time if you were taking care of both at once?

  4. gypsygrrl

    i know you do not blog about teaching ~ but i am being stubborn and asking anyway:

    tell us the thing your honey did in your early dating* that made you know she was IT for you.

    what is your favorite physical [rated-PG] thing about your honey?

    *i know, lesbians dont date but i dont know how to phrase it otherwise – HAHA

  5. Kim

    You did a bunch of posts on this in the past, but now that you have had both kids for a while (and mostly because I am needed to make a decision on this soon), what was your ultimate best stroller purchase? I know you have a lot. But did you find a double one that worked great, or do you have two single ones that you use when you take both boys? Or is Cakie old enough to walk now? I am about to get one for little sister (snap n go needs to be returned to my friend) and I am leaning toward a decent single stroller for each and a cheap double stroller for those random times I need both in one. Your advice?

  6. Yay! I went away for the weekend and came home to more questions! I’ll get back to answering tomorrow. Thanks for the love. –OHM

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