Half-Assed Housewife’s Handy Tip of the Day #2

Don’t throw away those pitiful stumps of tasty cheese that are left over from your party cheese tray.  Stick them in the fridge. (Even if they got a little — er– sweaty.)

The next evening when you are too exhausted from the party to cook, break out that wine bottle with just a little bit left, slice up all the remaining and various cheese stubs and fry up some extremely yummy grilled cheese surprise for you and your honey.  Drink wine with grilled cheese while watching something mindless and hilarious on the tube.  If you have any left-over crudete, you can even have yourself some veggies.



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6 responses to “Half-Assed Housewife’s Handy Tip of the Day #2

  1. You could also go buy some creme fraiche and make a French “Cheese Pie”. Now, that’s yummy.

  2. sounds like a perfect meal!

  3. By grilled cheese surprise I mean, “Mmmm smoked cheddar.” Then the next bite, “Humboldt Fog! Havarti! Mmmm…. more smoked cheddar.” It was so yummy and I actually felt clever for thinking of it.

  4. vee

    Grilled cheese surprise? I think my life may not be complete and I didn’t even know it. I have never had grilled cheese surprise.

  5. reproducinggenius

    I adore the idea of grilled cheese surprise. I have just these sorts of chunks of cheese in my fridge right now. I may have to make such a treat (although sadly, sans wine).

    BTW, we used to live on the same road where Humboldt Fog was made. The goats were lovely. Who knew our little local cheese had made its way all the way to the other coast?!

  6. Humboldt Fog is the bomb. I had it when I first had my friend Nelly (who attended my birth) over to my house so we could rehash the whole thing. So I’ll always relate that cheese to my post-partum glow / superhero feeling. Yum.

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