Last Year Today

I blogged twice.

I lost my mucus plug.

My honey had put me on her own honey-imposed bed rest. Because my feet had turned into sausages the night before.

The day before I had written a draft of how I’d hoped my birth would go.

All week, as I’ve been running around planning Trucker’s first birthday party, I’ve also been thinking: last year today I...  Because I will never let go of this week last year.  And you guys were sitting here in my dining nook with me as I blogged away with my belly tight and my feet up on a chair, wondering how it would all play out.

Now I have a hefty little man walking — yes, WALKING (sometimes running) — around my house.  I have sons — brothers.  Two boys that we made and this relationship they are creating on their own.  I do not have two blog posts in one day.  I’m too busy running back to the store to exchange some of the board books I bought as party favors because I realized that most of the kids coming are actually siblings, including two or three sets of twins, and they don’t need several copies of the same book in the house. (Deep, I know.) And wondering if it is ok to make the cupcakes two days ahead of time and frost them that morning.  Or will they be stale?  I don’t think you guys necessarily need to read about the brainless ramblings of what is essentially a housewife.   Not that all housewive’s ramblings are brainless.  Just mine.  See?

I keep checking my blog, thinking there will be more comments.  But I haven’t written any more posts.  I have some in my head.  I’ll try to get them out to you.  Because I love my invisible friends.  Muuuwah!



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5 responses to “Last Year Today

  1. totally make the cupcakes early! can’t believe it has been a whole year! congrats on that… your boys are delightful, the kitties and i can’t wait till you come over to play again soon.

  2. jay

    happy birthday trucker!

    i totally get the housewife thing. I LOVE housewifedom. totally. and i agree that you can bake them early.

    oh, and i’m sorry if i owe you an email – i think i do – i owe too many emails and other things, nothing personal. lots of MWAAAHs back to you too xx

  3. reproducinggenius

    And your invisible friends love you (even when, like me, we become slack commenters).

    It’s hard to believe all of that was a year ago–I remember those posts very well. And now I adore the updates, even when they are infrequent. I hope Trucker’s birthday party goes well!

    Happy birthday, big boy!

  4. Aww, and we love you too. Let’s swap housewife tips. Happy birthday Trucker!
    vee xxx

  5. gypsygrrl

    happy 1st birthday trucker…1yr ago we were all awaiting news of your arrival!

    much love,
    one of your many IVP aunties

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