June, House, Baby Steps

I feel like a very neglectful mom to this blog.  But once the real baby is up and about, there just isn’t much more suspense left.  The whole reality tv show aspect of the ttc blog is out the window. Which is what we all hope for, anyway.

So now the blog feels more like a state-of-the-family letter shoved in with the christmas card.

Here it is anyway.  As a teacher I always look forward to June because it is the last month of school.  And as much as I like my job, I love summer more.  However, I forget how very hectic June is for teachers.  We have report cards; cumulative records to update and pass on; assessments up the whoo ha; the need to pack away and clean and organize our rooms;  a room full of kids who are half sick of each other and half already missing each other, we have the emotional baggage of leaving our kids and our colleagues who are moving into retirement or other jobs, and end-term parties, and many margartias to drink.  It is rough.  Rough and almost over.

On Memorial Day we spent the day lounging in our friends’ new backyard.  For those of you who don’t live in NYC, a backyard is a novelty in these here parts for those of us who are not lawyers or bankers.  The next day a I got a text from my honey: I think I figured out a way we can afford a house next year. I love real estate.  And though I haven’t officially started obsessing, I am thinking about it.  I’m thinking about actually owning land in Brooklyn.  Land and a deck and a grill and a washer and a dryer (Yes, my suburban readers, that is another novelty.  How do we live?  I don’t know.)  There is one old wreck of a house for sale I pass on my way to work each day.  It has seven bedrooms.  And a broken window in the attic.  And water stains down the side of the needs-a-paint-job siding.  I know we probably couldn’t afford to heat it.  But I really want to see the inside.  You know.  Just to see it.

Trucker can walk.  He doesn’t really fully comprehend this yet.  But he can.  He’s done it every day.  And he just turned 11 months today.  Which means he walked at 10 months.  Which is just… what is that? I’m not sure.  But it is cute.  And unbelievable.  In one month he will be a year old.  I just don’t understand that.  Yet, most of his life thus far has involved me sitting back, mouth open, in awe.



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2 responses to “June, House, Baby Steps

  1. dakota

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Your writer chops are calling you to…
    Fill in the blank sweet friend.

  2. Trucker is walking? Wow!
    Say, maybe your wife can figure out a way for us to buy a house with a yard in Brooklyn.. Oh dream of dreams….!
    Sounds lovely, I hope it comes true.

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