Trucker’s Little Gift

Sorry so quiet.

I’ve been working on my book under a ridiculous self-imposed deadline.

I haven’t had much extra writing time.  My honey has the draft of the chapter in her hot hands right now, so I have a minute to blog.

Going on the blog-as-diary model, I just want to share something extremely cute Trucker did last night.  I just need to write it down, lest I forget.  I don’t know if you’ll think it is as cute as I do.  But you don’t have to.

I’ve been feeling a little nervous about my milk supply.  It is not his main source of nutrition anyway, since I’ve stopped pumping.  But he has seemed hungry after several feedings this week.  We followed them up with a little formula so as to not starve the guy.  I was worried that I’m running out.  (I had neglected to make the pre-menstrual low-milk supply connection.  I’m hoping that was the problem.)

I was nursing him right before bedtime last night.  I usually do it a little earlier so he doesn’t fall asleep in my arms and lose his ability to fall asleep in the crib.  (Sucky, right?  I know.)  But there I was nursing him.  Sleepy little guy.  And he started to fall asleep on the b00b.  I didn’t stop him, thinking that this might be one of the last times he does it.  Then he opened his eyes and burst into laughter.  Immediately, he fell asleep with a huge smile on his face.

About two minutes later, he woke himself up again, in a perfectly happy, content mood.  Smiling and laughing.  It was as if he had said, “No worries, Mom.  Your milk is still good here.”



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2 responses to “Trucker’s Little Gift

  1. That trucker – he is so sweet. I hope your deadline goes okay and that you are not too stressed.

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