Blogging Around

We have come into the practice of sitting in a folding chair outside of Cakie’s door as he falls asleep.  To some of you this may seem extreme or unnecessary.  (My mom keeps asking me if we still do it.)  To us it is a giant leap from when we had to sit in his room right next to his bed in the dark doing Kegels or meditating or anything else that can be done in the dark without moving or making noise, before we ever-so-carfeully tippy-toed out of there to freedom.  The folding chair in the hallway is nothing.

I have a point, I swear.

Part of the point being that now I can grab a book from the hall bookself and read it while I wait for the Cake-meister to go to dreamland.  Last night I was reading Bird-by-Bird by Anne Lamott.  It is a silly little book about writing that has a few tasty kernels of truth and wisdom.  I’d bought it when I was in grad school for poetry.  I’m pretty sure when it came out, people didn’t have email so much.  The chapter I was reading was about “calling around.”  Essentially, Lamott was suggesting that when an author is bored and/or lonely, he or she should call people who might have information that would be of use to them for their book.  Here’s my point.  Did you see it coming?

I need some information from you, my dear dear readers.  I’m waiting for some interviews to come back.  In the meantime, I’m trying to draft a chapter about the range of emotions a non-gestational co-mom experiences during her partner’s pregnancy.

Can any of you share?  With permission to quote you in the book?  I want to know what kinds of unexpected or expected, even, emotions came up for you while your partner was pregnant.  How did you feel, or what did you think when you first got the test results?  How did you respond to the ways other people treated you or your partner?  What made you relieved, worried, crazy?

Please share.



PS you don’t need to leave it in a  comment.  Email me!



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4 responses to “Blogging Around

  1. h.babypants

    Hey there,
    I never emailed before, but I would be happy to do an interview for you. Also, I am happy to send you my thoughts about what it has been like for me while L has been pregnant. I’ll try to send you an email tomorrow if work allows. As for right now, it’s 9:45 and I have to put my slumbering, pregnant wife to bed…

  2. Hey there,
    Do you have a prepared interview or do you just want us to kind of freehand it? I’ll e-mail you shortly.

  3. jay

    me too. i kept forgetting to email you. so i will share BUT i will need to ask you to email and remind me at some point…?! i’m just about to do a non-bio post, actually.

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