Pump Down the Jam

I have no love for the pump.

I’m going to dump her.  It just isn’t working out.  She’s always, “Me, me, me.”  (Or as the case may be,  double trouble double trouble double trouble.)  I need some time for myself.  I’m breaking this thing off.

So after talking to several people — including my lactation consultant —  about the possibilty of ceasing the pump without losing my milk for the part I do enjoy, the actual nursing of the actual baby, I have decided to kick little miss time-suck to the curb.

The plan is to cut my pumping time in half today.  Then tomorrow drop one pump and ice the girls around the time I usually pump.  Then drop another on the next day and the last one the next day.

And then… [cue 1970’s women’s lib anthem of choice] I will be free.  Free to luxuriate in every one of my 45 minutes at lunch.  Free to stop washing pump parts.  Free to go to bed whenever I want, instead of staying up for the final pump.  Free to have one less thing to do in the morning and one less thing to remember (I have on occasion forgotten to take my ebm out of the fridge at work) at dismissal.

We’ll only have to deal with formula (ick) for two months.  I found a nice, cheapish organic one, too.

I am perfectly happy with this decision.



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4 responses to “Pump Down the Jam

  1. Lyn

    Sounds like a good choice. Wishing you a smooth transition. They say it’s easier to wean the pump than the kid…though yours does sound pretty demanding…

  2. Sounds like a great choice to me to leave your pump behind… And I am really happy that you feel so good about the decision.

  3. Co

    Hurray for doing what’s right for you.

  4. I hated the pump too – in fact I think it was the exact same pump because you have my old one! Good riddance.

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