A Lot Can Happen In 10 Days

I haven’t blogged for 10 days?  That’s crazy.

The first big development is that I am suddenly and inexplicably OVER pumping.  Oh.  Ver.  I want to throw the thing out the window.  Hate.  Hate hate hate it.  I was appreciating the zen and the connection to my baby yadda yadda.  Suddenly it feels more hard  than calm.  More ouch than ahhh.  But.  I will push through this.  It must be hormonal or something.  I’m finding it especially difficult to sit through the last five minutes.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I pump for 15 minutes each time.  The theory being that my brea$ts will empty, thus stimulating more milk production.  But the most milk comes out in the first 8 minutes.  The rest of the time I’m crawling out of my skin.  If I pump for a shorter time, will my milkies go away?  Please say no.

The second thing is the BEST.  Date night.  My honey and I have a good friend who lives across the street.  But we never saw much of her because she is highly allergic to my big fat cat, Domingo Perezoso.  (Perhaps I’ll post a picture.)  So our friend, blog name Titi Lisa, got herself some allergy drugs that actually work.  And for two Fridays IN A ROW, she has babysat for us.  I went out with my honey. On a date.  Two weeks in a row.  Sounds like not such a big deal, but we have gone as long as nine months without a single childless dinner out when Cakie was little.  We just suck at getting sitters and sticking to our promise of one date night a month.  So here’s my unsolicited mommy a$$vice du jour:  date night.  Do it.  Do it often.  Do it for each other.  It is worth every penny.  If you can get someone to do it for free, so much the better.

I’m actually working on getting a sitter again this Friday.  Since it is restaurant week here in Brooklyn and we haven’t actually seen a movie in those two previous Fridays.  I’ll give more details on the actual dates soon.  They were actually kind of funny in an embarrassing lame-a$$ way.

On that note, I bring you Domingo:

(I don’t know how to turn it right side round, so tilt your head.)




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5 responses to “A Lot Can Happen In 10 Days

  1. Ali

    First of all, hi. Just found your blog.

    I’ve never really pumped that much before, only the occasional time when I wanted a glass of wine or something but I think if the milk has stopped flowing then maybe you don’t need to pump. Are you pumping full-time or feeding sometimes as well? Depending on whether bubs is getting some ‘direct from the source’ it might not matter. This is b/c a baby can stimulate milk production far better than a pump so if bubs is having a few feeds overnight then maybe you could safely reduce pumping time without affecting your supply. Don’t know. Why did you set the 15 minute rule originally? In Australia there is a message board for our local breastfeeding association, lots of knowledgeable people etc. Is there something like that you could go to for advice?

  2. sn

    i pump only as long as there’s milk coming out. i’ve read about second let downs (and have had second let downs, i guess) and how you should pump for x minutes to allow them to happen. but if i’m pumping and there’s nothing coming out, it starts to hurt like hell. my take is that that 1/2 ounce of hypothetical second let down milk is not worth the desire to throw in the towel and throw pump out the window.
    hooray for your two dates! i’m so impressed!

  3. lyn

    OK, I’m in no position to offer pumping advice (haven’t pumped, haven’t nursed), but I’m not letting that stop me. When my wife was pumping, one thing she was careful about was not getting the pump heebie-jeebies, and I think it paid off. She never had anything like the “pump-block” other women describe. Especially early on, if it creeped her out, she stopped pumping immediately and just tried again later. Now, you are probably well past the stage of developing heebie-jeebies, but just in case your new found pump wrath is at all related, I thought I’d mention it.

    Oh, and two dates so close together is very impressive.

  4. On that note, I conclude this pumping session at 8 minutes. But I’ll shoot off an email to my LC, just for good measure.

  5. reproducinggenius

    I have no pumping advice at all, but I can say that I adore your cat. He’s wonderfully fluffy–even sideways!

    Your advice on date night has been noted. Actually, you’ll be happy to know I’m a big promoter of date nights amongst my friends and acquaintances with kids. We’re always offering to babysit for various people because date nights are just plain important. Of course, some of them don’t take us up on it, but we still keep offering because we’re pushy broads like that–and we really hope someone will offer the same kindness once our little one arrives.

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