B00b or Powder?

At my fabulous playgroup this week, one of my friends, who had read my blog about the daycare providers (or maybe it was one of my other friends,) mentioned this article:


“The Case Against Breastfeeding”  is a good read and brings up some interesting points.  I think the author is really trying to not feel pressured to breastfeed.  So she did some research and found that breastfeeding is not necessarily the magical elixir that much of the literature leads us to believe it is.  She goes on to hint that having breastfeeding as an only option doesn’t allow households to share in the work equally between both partners and establishes the breastfeeding mother as the only  “expert.”  She tries to make breastfeeding-as-the-only-option seem somehow anti-feminist.  It really was interesting.   I feel that if a person doesn’t want to breastfeed, or if she has trouble and chooses to go with formula, that that is her prerogative and I’m not going to tiptoe away from her on the playground because of it.  That said, the bottom line for me is that it is cheaper, way cheaper than formula.  And I find it easier.  I think also the author may be more modest than me because it doesn’t bother me at all (almost) to just whip out the b00b and feed my babe.  She seems to be sick of it.  Which is fine.  I don’t love pumping.  But I do love that it makes me sit still for an extra 15 minutes three times a day.  And it makes me feel connected to Trucker.  I don’t know why, but it does.  The bottom line about the article seems to be that women shouldn’t feel trapped into breastfeeding.  I agree.  But I also highly recommend doing it for as long as you feel comfortable.  Because it is so snuggy.

Formula is not a feminist statement.  Choosing how to feed your child and not feeling bad about it is.



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6 responses to “B00b or Powder?

  1. nelly

    my breast milk does not taste “weird” or “sour” – it tastes sweet and delicious, even better than mangoes! 😉

  2. Ha! Did you ever get a bigger couch?

  3. I read that article which I found very well written and persuasive. Also, she is on child #3. I can see how the allure of being tethered to your child via an exposed breast would begin to wear off by then…

  4. I read the article too… I am not currently breastfeeding of course. But I am really looking forward to it. I think your last sentences sum up my feelings on the topic. I want the breastfeeding, and really hope it works well for me, and I really want all that snuggly time with this baby.

  5. e.

    bravo. i’ve been pretty ticked about that article.

  6. CJ

    Your entry is as well worded as the article it is about was! It is about doing what is best for YOU and your child…not about what label it falls under.

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