Two Quick Things

1. I hate being a bitch at work.  I was a bitch at work today.  It sucks. Teachers should get one day off a month for PMS.

2. I spilled breast milk today.  It was just a little.  About an ounce.  It happened in slow motion with an echo effect as I said, “Noooooooo oooo oooo ooooo!”

I didn’t cry.

It made the day even worse.



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6 responses to “Two Quick Things

  1. sn

    Noooooooo oooo oooo ooooo! i am cringing over spilled milk for you.

  2. Co

    Sorry you had such a lousy day.

    And you can cry over spilled breastmilk, if you need to. I know I have.

  3. CJ

    Whoever coined the phrase “Don’t cry over spilled milk” never had any experience with breastmilk. And Co is right, sometimes you NEED to cry over it! Hope your next day is better!

  4. English major that I am, I feel the need to examine the phrase. I believe the phrase is, “There’s no use crying over spilled milk.” I’ve always thought of the meaning of it as being, don’t cry over insignificant things. I think it actually means something else. It’s that “There’s no use” part that makes me think this. I think what it actually means is that once you spill the milk, crying isn’t going to help you, so don’t bother. I bet it was even coined when someone spent a long time milking their cow, then knocked over the bucket. Now I need to go see if it is in my book of word and phrase origins. Yup. I have one of those.

  5. starrhillgirl

    I always thought of the spilled milk phrase as “don’t freak out over things that are already done.”

    Shitty days at school are the worst. Sorry you had one. : (

  6. I am sorry you had a hard day at work… and I don’t believe in that phrase about it is not worth crying over spilt milk (breast or non). Sometime I think you just need a good cry and nobody should stop you from that.

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