Question for the Wise Wymmmmmyn of the IVP

A good friend was just kinda sorta diagnosed with “pre-mature ovarian failure,”  also known as pre-mature menopause.  This partial diagnosis was based on “unusually high” FSH levels.  Day three (or four) was a level of 28.  Are there other factors that you know of that might contribute to high FSH levels?  What should she ask her doctor when she meets her tomorrow?  Is there anything she can do aside from hormone replacement therapy?  Do any of you know of either a really good gyno or natural practitioner in the SF Bay area who can give her either a reliable second opinion or a non-hormone-replacement treatment option?

All hail the IVP.  I know you will have some answers for us.


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One response to “Question for the Wise Wymmmmmyn of the IVP

  1. I don’t know any good RE’s in SF but I read Julia Indichova’s Inconceivable and followed many of her diet tips including wheatgrass, no sugar, etc and it at least made me feel back in control of my own body.

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