Dear Trucker (7 months)

Dear Trucker,

It has taken me almost to your eight month birthday to write your seven month letter.  You see, you have decided to learn how to do almost everything in one month.  Mommy is a little overwhelmed with your enthusiasm for moving.  Let’s see… You learned to crawl like GI Jane on February 2.  About a week or so later, you were crawling like a real baby on all fours.  Then a few days ago, you decided to master pulling yourself up to stand.  Can I just tell you that your big brother did not bother with any of these things until he was nine months old?  My memory of Cakie at seven months was of him sitting on the floor with a toy in his mouth.  Not you, Trucker.  Oh, and once you pull yourself up to stand, you are so pleased with your little baby self that you clap your hands and crash to the floor.  My baby, you need to keep holding on.  Though this morning I noticed that you are now learning to fall with your elbows out, so your head doesn’t smack on the floor.  Thank goodness for that.  And another thing… how did your Uncle know you would be trucking around so much before you were even born?  How did he know to give you the nickname Trucker?

You have a strange appetite.  You really really want to eat shoes.  Shoes and paper are so delicious to you.  Now, Mommy loves shoes.  It is true.  That’s why she has so many.  But she doesn’t try to eat them, man.  And paper.  I wish I could let you eat it.  But it isn’t very nutritive.  But you do eat some solid food now besides your brother’s sneakers.  You’ve finally started opening your mouth.  This is all very exciting.

We’ve also started to teach you to sleep through the night.  I know that you have done it before, but mommy untrained you, and you have been staying up for over an hour two or three times a night.  Luckily, you have been a quick study and you can sleep most of the night.  Your big brother gets up more often than you do now, which is a great comfort to both of your moms.  I mean, not the Cakie waking, but the fact that at least one of you is sleeping.

Every once in a while I get to hold you and you are still.  In those moments, I try to think of nothing else but the feel of your body relaxed in my arms.  Even though you can do all of these things, and you have many important places to go and documents to eat, you are still my little baby boy.





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2 responses to “Dear Trucker (7 months)

  1. so yeah. could you fill me in on how you’ve retrained the trucker to sleep? i needs helps.

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