More Things My Pump Says

Right now my breast pump is saying:

Beelzabub, Beelzabub, Beelzabub, Beelzabub

It has also recently said:

Double trouble, double trouble, double trouble

Get outta here, get outta here, get outta here

PS  Trucker, I know I owe you a seven month letter but I’m too busy chasing you around to write it.  I will though.  I promise.  Before you turn 8 months.


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3 responses to “More Things My Pump Says

  1. So funny. My sister in law just sent me her pump and apparently it says “maccoron.. maccoron” or that is what my neice says it says.

  2. CJ

    That’s the joy of blogging, you can write it in three weeks and slap today’s date on it. He’ll never know!

  3. Yesterday it was saying, “Atta boy! Atta boy! Atta boy!” It both cracked me up and made me feel like I was losing my mind.

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