Two Week Wait Advent Calendar — Week Two

You are over the hump.

Now, of course, it is getting really hard to stop obsessing.  You keep going on line and searching for “early pregnancy signs.”  It keeps saying the same things.  Stop that.  Please.  Having symptoms isn’t going to make you any more or any less pregnant, my dear.  And honestly at this point, you probably would not really be feeling any of them.  Here’s a little something to keep your mind off things.  Or at least to try to keep your mind off things.  Mmmmmwwaah!

Day 8: You are more than half-way there.  Think outwardly.  Spend your waiting time helping out some other folks, why don’t you.

Open the door.

Day 9: This one is for your honey.  If you don’t have a partner (you, go SMBC!), this one is for whomever it is you’ve been obsessing to for the past nine days, or nine months, or nine years.

Open the door, oh most valuable friend and/or companion.

Day 10: Do not, I repeat, do NOT take a pregnancy test today.

This day has two options.  For those of you who want to think about babies and have some positive visualization, open this door.  For those of you who keep saying to yourselves, “Baby?  What baby?  I don’t know nothing about no possible baby.” Open this door.

Day 11: Step away from the pee stick.  I mean it. Go grocery shopping or something productive for goodness sakes.

Open the door.

If you are now, or in the future, planning on having a second child, (Hi, J!) open this door, then open this one.

Day 12:  You are so close.  Take a deep breath.

Open the door.

Day 13: For the love of all that is sane, give your pee sticks to a neighbor, or put them in a safe deposit box until tomorrow.

Open the door.

Day 14: I don’t know what to do here. Just go pee on the stick and tell me what it said.  I can’t wait any longer, either.

I hope hope hope the wait was worth it this time.  If it was not, I can say only this:  the single most important quality I have as a parent and educator is patience.  You are doing the work of cultivating a huge amount.  Keep trying.  I’ll make more of these calendars if I have to.  If you are pregnant, guess what you have to do now?  Wait some more.  But it is a happier waiting.  Though perhaps no less stressful.

Love you, oneofhismoms



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5 responses to “Two Week Wait Advent Calendar — Week Two

  1. CJ

    That is a very sweet post, and oh so true! That two week wait can be HELL!

  2. reproducinggenius

    I love the second installment just as much as the first. Lovely work, OOHM!

  3. julia

    thanks for the shout-out. the laughing baby made me happy.

  4. OMG!!! I am so totally going nuts with you. I’ve been testing way too early, way too many damn days….

    I am not sharing mine on my blog yet, but I too am praying for a beautiful belly.

    Baby dust to you!

  5. starrhillgirl

    Well, crap. No dice this time for me. Again. But the advent calendar sure was nice.

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