Two Week Wait Advent Calendar — Week One

A little present for all of my TTC friends.  Only open the door on the right day of your wait, now. MMMMwaah!

Day 1:  You had your insemintation.  You tried to remember every detail,  even if this is the ten zillionth time.

Open the door.

Day 2: You are determined to not notice a thing about how your body feels different than when you have not had an insemination.  You are doing a good job so far.  Yet part of you can’t help envisioning what is going on in your fallopian tubes.

Open the door.

Day 3:  Is it really only day three?  Think about something amazing that might make you happy.  (If you are me this does.  It isn’t perfect, but it makes me happy.)

Open the door.

If that doesn’t make you happy, at least this must.  Open alternate door for day 3.

Day 4: You are almost to the end of the first week.   Take your hands away from your bo0bs!  Stop the squeezing.  They hurt because you are squeezing them too much.  Or maybe it is the progesterone… Put your hands on some real cupcakes.  And go see a movie.  Have you noticed I miss going to the movies?  (Sorry this one is not gluten-free.)

Open the door.

Day 5: Go on a date with your honey.  When you do have your baby, you won’t get a chance to go out so often.

Open the door.

Day 6: You feel surprisingly calm.

Open the door.

Day 7: Perhaps something shiny will distract you from noticing every little twinge.

Open the door.

You are finished with week one!  You totally rock.  Stay tuned for my second installment. XOXO!



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13 responses to “Two Week Wait Advent Calendar — Week One

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for doing it.

  2. J

    Thanks! It will be hard not to open them all at once, but I just did the first one. I will bookmark this entry so I can come back tomorrow. =)

  3. tbean

    You so totally rock. Thank you. 🙂

  4. h.babypants

    Wow, this is amazing- I love it!

  5. mkwewer

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

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  7. reproducinggenius

    That is fantastic! So, so fun.

  8. woo hoo… i can’t wait to open each door! i knew that you would be able to figure out how to pull it off 🙂

  9. nelly

    this is brilliant!!!! i almost wish i was TTC so i could use it. how come the only thing that we could think to do while we were in the tww was call/email each other and bitch?! 😉

  10. Nethermeade

    My co-worker got inseminated yesterday morning, and I sent her straight to your blog. So useful!

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  12. After trying #2 first, I am trying #1 this time! Thank you so much for providing this wonderful, public service. I look forward to it every day:)

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